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The Ascension by Bill Martin

Triple Figure Study by Bill Martin

                                                 This picture is a detail from the painting "Ascension" by the late Bill Martin

OUR MOST RECENT LETTER from October 15th, 2014
To whom it may concern My name is Sandra I;ve seen the face of God  in August 2004 at about 2pm in the afternoon. it was in downtown skid row at Produce Hotel 676 South Central Avenue.337 I was walking down the street and I looked to the left of me and looked into the sky and saw His face. He was angry, he had dark eyes with wavy lines within the white section, his hair was long and curly, he had thick black eyebrows, his nose was wide in size, his lips were thick in nature,  I did’t say anything I just stared at him for 5 to 10 minutes and walked away into my apartment. My life hasn’t been the same since this day.

Letter from October 15th, 2014
How do I talk to someone that has already wrote a letter? I have seen what I believe to be God in the sky,but with much activity aroundhim.to the person who seen God with his arms on something and said he was huge, please contact me.Samantha

Letter from September 25th, 2014

I met whom we call God when I was 2
Noone has described God accurately. God did not have a physical body he appeared as a force something like lightning . I was to be a messenger he would go on to teach me many things to tell you and I will. The booklet will be called Here is God. When he is ready the world will receive it
Letter from August 31st, 2014
I have seen him face-to-face, this is an experience unlike what you might expect. It has always been difficult for the fact that I never met another other than the one other that was with me. All white hair and beard with a voice unspoken allowed and yet it is received and understood, unlike any other. It's difficult to explain... Incredibly peaceful experience. If I ever had a conversation with another person who had the same experience, a few questions would inable me to know if they speak the truth. He gave me something and I don't know what to do with it. I don't understand why. Why me. Why did he never come back? He is my father, my friend. It's been a long time since I've seen him however we talk every day. There was only one visit that was face-to-face and is always difficult to understand why.

Letter from August 13th, 2014
My name is Andrew ball and I never really was much of a believer till summer of 2013 it was late June and I was headed to California for a visit and you might say I was not living the life of a Christian when I arrived at my childhood friends house I noticed the address was 666 and I thought how strange I didn't remember that as you know marijuana is legal there and my friend and cousin smoked but I Didn't I've never liked it but it was strange at times it was like Staten was talking thought them it scared me so bad I cut my vacation short on my way home I had car troubles in Arizona and I sat their recapping on the earlier events I bowed my head and said a prayer when I looked up into the clouds I saw God holding a baby fighting Lucifer I remember dropping my head and cried like a baby that's the day my life changed

Letter from August 9th, 2014
Hi there!  Today is August 8, 2014.  Thank you so much for keeping this 
website up and running!  I, myself, run two websites now:  JoeMatters.com 
AND LeoMatters.com.  I absolutely LOVE the idea that Leonardo's favorite 
quote is from "Goodfellas" when Joe Pesci says, "What do I look like, a 
clown?"  Leo's favorite quotes are from Joe.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is an EXCELLENT SIGN!  

Anyway, I just wanted to point out to everyone that "Matthew 5:8" says "The pure of heart shall see God."  

Many things have happened since the last time I wrote.  Quick update: My birthday is 11-14-74.  Leonardo DiCaprio's is 11-11-74.  We are both Italian and we've both been on stage since we were kids.  We have "God's Creative Will" with each other and more information can be found out in the Bible Dictionary, under the definition of "Marriage."  After all these years of confusion, and as of the Wolf of Wall Street miscast when Leonardo got miscast with an Australian girl, Hurricane Sandy happened, we now are understanding the truth behind God's demands.  Miscasting Leonardo with the wrong girl in WOWS, caused 65 Billion dollars in damages to our country and 325 dead people--including the kids in 
Newton, CT.  If Andrea had been cast with Leonardo in WOWS, instead of Margot, Hurricane Sandy would have been PREVENTED, INSTEAD OF CAUSED.  

After extensive research, what this means is that God is demanding, ASAP,  that Leo and I give religious sanctions to the Biblical marriage that he has designed.  I believe the fate of the universe and human survival may be dependent upon Leonardo and I having this baby.  We are both approaching 40, this coming November, 2014.  The time is now for us to join in our respects for God to show and to please God that we respect his Commandments and human-kind is worth saving.  

I know this is difficult to believe, but I am telling you all the truth.  There is so much evidence to prove that what I am saying is true.  In Genesis 2:22-24, God took a rib from a man to make a woman.  Leonardo and I are both of Italian descent.  He even has the letters of my first name, "A-N-D-R-E-A" scrambled in his name!  Plus we were born three days apart, the same year!  Even our parents are the same types and qualities, although they've never met each other, yet! They are all rooting for Leonardo and I-Andrea to respect God together, but Leonardo is not being honest about his 
responsibilities to being a Biblically married man!  THIS IS GREATLY ANGERING GOD!!!!!

If anyone here has the ability to talk with Leonardo DiCaprio, please have him call me on my cell: 626-676-0353.  It is of utmost importance so that we may respect God, together.  God designed us to be husband and wife, but I didn't know that I was the wife of Leonardo DiCaprio until Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook murders happened!

Leonardo is telling so many lies--that people are being severely hurt!  The Bible says that "He who keeps my commandments, shall receive mercy."  If Leonardo DiCaprio (11-11-74) and Andrea Calabrese (11-14-74) are a Commandment of God [Was the three day story of "Jona and the Whale" a Commandment of God?  Is it a coincidence that Leonardo's favorite story growing up as a kid was Moby Dick?  I don't believe it was a coincidence.  
It was because his subconscious (Guardian Angel) knew that he had God's Creative Will with his wife who'd soon be travelling all the way across the country out of respects for her grandmother to be in Los Angeles--the same City that Leonardo was born.)], then shouldn't the people have a right to know what the Commandments of God are, so that they, too, can receive mercy from God for respecting ALL the Commandments?

I'm really starting to believe that if we don't respect God's Holy Union of us (Leonardo, the rib cage, with his rib: Andrea--for the purpose of Holy Union with God) to have Holy Sex for the birth of our child--that God is going to cause the Earth to die, and all of humanity will cease to exist.

Leo's adultery (Exodus 20:14) is and has been causing kids to be hurt and killed (2 Peter 2:14).  I've been reaching out to everyone to try to get help for Leonardo, so he stops committing adultery, but he's still not calling the girl he should be calling--his wife, Andrea.  (626-676-0353)  Kids are getting killed (Adultery causes corruption) because my husband, Leo's, not returning my calls?

If anyone here has any suggestions, please email me: besthollywoodprofessionals@gmail.com.  

I will tell you all that the Bible is completely true: God, Satan, Jesus and the Angels.  It is all very true.  If sometimes a story in the Bible seems over-the-top, or campy, it's most likely a metaphor to explain the meaning of the story.  It is all true, however, and I have an award for being "Most Trustworthy" in the whole school!

Love God!
Andrea Calabrese (-DiCaprio)


YES. I have seen God. I saw God in 1993. I tried
telling people like Oliver Stone, but no one believed
me. Life went on to be very difficult because no one
believed me...

...It is very important not to hold back or
discriminate against great spiritual leaders because
their knowledge of God and art can help everyone.

After I saw God, I believed there was only good in the
world. Then, in the Spring of 2001, I saw Satan. 
Satan is made of the same material that God is, but he
is much smaller than God. Both are male. Satan is
the one who says no and waves his left finger back and
forth in the air. He has long finger nails, and four
knuckles on one finger. His fingers are long and
skinny like a birds claw. God is HUGE. Now, I know
evil exists too. I didn't believe in evil before I
saw Satan. I thought it was just a gimmick or a ploy
to make money. Many parts of the Bible are true. The
truth lies in what GOD COMMANDED. What God commanded
is VERY, VERY true. God commanded that his accusers
shall be covered, and when I saw Satan, he had a cover
on his head.

I love God, and I thank Him for giving me the
beautiful gift of life.

I respect the religious views of others, but I believe
it is important that we respect each other. We, the
believers in God, allow others to think differently
and believe in other creations, such as the Buddha. I
believe that everyone has the right to their own
thoughts and beliefs. It is important to remember,
however, that God was first, before any man or any
mans writings.

I have been looking for others who have seen God or
Satan. Thank you very much for having this forum for
people to gather from around the world to share their
experiences. I would be interested in participating
in a discussion group with others who have seen God or
Satan. Please visit my website at:

LOVE and peace,

Andrea Calabrese

Letter from July 21st, 2014

My name is JaQuedia Arbuckle,
I believe I seen GOD 3 times once when I was 20, once I thought I seen his eye is the sky it stopped me dead in my tracks then it vanished.... I was just staring straight up even after it was gone.. And just July 20th 5:00a.m. I was awaken by the color of the sky it was a bright orange color I thought it was time lol but when I looked outside I noticed that the cloud have a misty look with a golden color it looked like heaven! Then I look in front of me and there's a massive cloud but I can see a long white beard and I can see the out line of his arms his hair and even the expression on the face.. It was a look is disappointment of discuss.. It looked like as if he had his arms down on something and just is looking down at the world... He looked so disappointed.... Please email me I have been seeing and feeling things sense I was 5 yrs.. Now this is the year I turn 30 I dreamed of JESUS too can somebody tell me "WHO I AM"??

Letter from July 10th, 2014
Well, I was in back seat of car along with 3 other people.  I know someone called me and as I turned my head to left, I nastily mumbled what.  But beyond the back window I saw the color of a rose garnet.  I have had visions before but nothing so beautiful.  With a stronger voice, I said cool.  The person sitting next to me looked at me, so I asked do you see the colors.  Nope.  Just me.  I watched as vibrant colors started turning in a counter clockwise movement.  Right about between the pink and orange, I began to see what was inside this whirlwind rainbow.  A foot, laced sandal and then the other foot.  A white robe from under His Kneecaps appeared.  A buckle and belt.  Not like men wear today.   The belt had 3 lines going horizontal.  he wore the belt like a champion loosed about His Hips.  Then I saw His Arms stretched out and He began walking ever so gracefully.  Then I looked up as the pink, orange, yellow, green and a royal blue had already circled by.  I saw faces looking in through portholes.  I believe the one face was staring at me.  The faces all looked the same.  Black hair black facial hair.  I saw 6 faces above He who is adorned by Gods Promise, and I believe the porthole windows went around His Room.

Letter from June 15th, 2014
Letter from April 20th, 2014
Hello my name is Marina and I had a dream about God a few months ago and I want to know what my dream means?

In my dream I see the world coming to an end because God said he was angry at man kind for what they have done to earth. I see cities collapsing to the ground, bridges crumpling to the ground. I see and hear people calling out for help and I see animals dying so horribly. Then God starts talking to me saying he's angry at mankind for everything they've had done especially to earth. You see in my dream nothing happened to me and everything around me is being destroyed. Then God said to me "Marina you need to start to believe in me. Tell people about your dream." Then after that it's been on my mind ever since. I still don't understand why I had that dream to this day

Letter from April 19th, 2014
Hello my name is Nikki and I've seen Jesus. I seen him when I was a little girl. I was singing this little light of mine when I seen him. I was so in the spirit. I looked up to the window and there he was. He was wearing a deep red robe with a purple sash. His face was a bright white light the purest light I've ever seen. His arms were open as if he was going to give me a big hug. The feeling was like nothing I've experienced before or since. I can't explain the feeling it was like love, peace and, happiness all in one but like none of them it was better! That moment went on for how long I don't know. I noticed I wasn't breathing and I was afraid. He disappeared in my moment of doubt. I noticed my friend shaking me and tears on my cheeks as I came back to the world around me. I was in a church full of people and, I believe no one seen him but me. I had guilty knowledge of my savior his clothes were the colors of royalty and his face shining as a light. Some say you can't see his face unless you're dead and some say this is how he appeared in the gardens of Gathsemane. I knew nothing about these things as a little girl. Years later as an adult I went back to the church. I was in secret investigating my experience. I seen there were no stained glass windows. I asked them if there had ever been any they said no.  I've had one more visit from heaven though not Jesus this time, this time it was an angel. I believed my home was infested with demons. Things would fall in my sons room while he was sleeping. His toys that talked would say bye as I left his room when no one had touched them. Then one night I had a dream I went to go check on my son while he was playing in his room he turned his head and in a deep demonic voice said I'm not your son mommy. I woke up and prayed for an angel to watch over my son. A few months later I went to check on him after he had gone to sleep I flipped the light on and off again quickly while the light was on I seen an angle solid in a white robe standing in the middle of my sons room looking over him. His hair was blond and curly, his face was even and perfect and, his wings were tucked to his back. He was beautiful. I thought I had imagined him for a while then I thought about it I could not have imagined something so beautiful. I'm not special. I've never done anything great and yet that God would reach down and give such gifes is beyond me. I love God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and, all the angels. They are my life and my son is my breath.

Letter from April 15th, 2014
Yes I have seen Jesus Christ before me several times. Before Christ let me know him I was deeply involved in witchcraft and sub first astral projection. I was exercised from or you may say delivered from my evil spirits by a Christian. Such terror I felt in my being from not being able to speak rather controlled by ferocious venomous disgusting overwhelming filth. When this Christian walked into my house I had known him for a short time knowing him to be a Christian out of my body minemouth screemed,

" what do you want with us Christian". This horrible disgusting extremely murderous anger of voice came out with me without my control this thing was controlling my whole being! And known to me I was possessed by evil spirits I found out later that I was possessed by a controller of spirits they call them Legion. And been known to me this was a principality of power of darkness. I cannot express in human words the terror I experience of this possession. Then also I cannot tell in human words when I was delivered by Jesus Christ by calling out Jesus just the name of Jesus are feeling this feeling of love ,how powerfull love that Shook my body, I loved knowing being known by God, I collapsed,then all of a sudden my whole body flew into the air, my body raged as like an angry baboon,shrieks yelled from my mouth uncontrollably. Yet just as this had taken place I felt weirdly soon released and at peace with myself fairly enough knowing myself and who I am.

Letter from April 3rd, 2014

When i was 18 in 1978 a voice in my head told me to look out the window ,it was a clear blue sky on a summers day ,whilst watching a small hole in the sky started emitting smoke that slowly formed lampstands and an olden style castle .this slowly dissapated and a face was slowly drawn eyes nose white hair when the face had been drawn the eyes opened and a bright light as strong as the sun looked straight at me .The light was so powerful i had to look away in fear and when i looked back it was gone it was at that moment the voice id heard many times in my life said DONT LOOK AWAY DONT EVER LOOK AWAY and that was it
I am not a church based christian but have always felt guided and loved from beyond our realm
I write this as i dont want to get to the other side and find that i was supposed to reveal this so this is why i have now
god bless whomever reads this

Letter from March15th, 2014
Hello, I'm Bliss , I am A Chinese chirstian from Singapore . I met God went I was in primary 3 after getting bullied by my classmates , at that time I could not see him . But as time past and my faiths grows , I can see his angels , his messages and sometimes he even uses me as a vessels as I prayed to be allow him to speak through me . At certain times , i would feel an immense Joy , happiness , he would then take me to places during sleep and show me heaven, hell , and the things like what is happening between my friends as sometimes they don't  tell me most details . But I have seen a vision of Christ at the steps of heaven surrounded by his angels .

Sometimes in my sleep I could hear his angels playing instrument or talking to me . :) it's a great feeling .

God still talks to me even as today :)
He even reminds me of my projects and test dates .

Just want to say : prayers helps in every situation , don't be afraid to talk to him , he listens , he advises , he understands you , most of all HE LOVES YOU.

Written by Bliss

Letter from February 15th, 2014
The experience I had was when I was in my 40's.
I was standing before three spiritual beings.  Their appearance to me was pure white light.  They were about size of an average human, they had a slight sense of "form" yet they were more-so pure white light.
In our communication it was like conversation yet it not through words like humans share.  The conversation was through "thought".  I knew what they were saying yet there were no words, no sound, yet I clearly knew what they were saying.
There were three of them yet when they communicated it was as one "voice".  They would refer to themselves as "we" and "us, yet the sense I felt was that they were unitedly "one".
This forum here being about "seeing" God, I'll move forward to that.

The three spiritual beings brought me in the presense of a HUGE, infinate in "size", PURE white light.  Me standing in the presense of the pure white light I sensed that it was God, our Heavenly Father.
The appearance and feeling was like staring directly at / into the sun, yet it did not bother my eyes at all.  The "intensity" and brightness like the sun yet it felt ease to look upon that "Light".
What I felt was Love like I've never felt nor experienced before.  It felt to be PURE, real, natural Love that surpasses any love I've ever experienced in life through my spouse, children, new love, newborns, etc.  That Love felt so real, so powerful yet also felt ease, naturalness.     It's felt to be real and genuine Love, that surpasses how humans love.

I felt as if being sustained, of ease and natural, while also in awe.  I felt a calmness, naturalness, it felt to be pure and natural way of being. more normal, then anything I've felt before.  There was no sense of time, all was simply in the moment, the present.  "Nothing" going on yet still "so much".
The Light was Pure light.  No "shape", no "form" yet it still felt so real.  Felt like relating to a "person" yet there was no face, no body,  "nothing" in sense of form.
Very real yet not as humans  experience or sense "real" to be.

There was more to the experience, to the communications, yet the question here is "have you seen God" and my answer is "yes", and it's as I've described the experience here.
People believe my experience or not, that's not of importance.  My experience was real.  Our Heavenly Father IS real, this I know.

Letter from February 15th, 2014
I've seen God.  Three spiritual beings brought me before God and this is what I saw and experienced.

The experience I had was when I was in my 40's.
With my experience I found myself standing before three spiritual beings.  Their appearance to me was pure white light.  The were about size of an average human yet the spiritual beings had only vague slight sense of "form".  They were more-so pure white light.
In their and my communication it was like conversation yet it was not through words like humans share words.  The conversation was through "thought".  Like "heart language".  Known what said yet no facial expression, no body language, no words because they were, Light, no body.
The communication was "words", no sound yet I knew clearly what they were saying.  The style of communication was natural, not sugary "angelic".  Yet it was still of substance, respect, care, intelligence while at same time natural and of ease.
There were three of them, yet when they communicated it was as one "voice".  They would refer to themselves as "we" and "us" yet the sense I felt was that there were unitedly "one".

This forum here being about "seeing" God, I'll move forward to that.

After the spiritual beings communicated with me they then brought me in the presence of a huge, infinite in "size" pure white light.  Me standing before then later within the presence of the pure white light I felt immediate knowledge that the Light was God, our Heavenly Father.

The appearance and feeling was like staring directly at / into the full brightness of the sun, yet the intense brightness did not bother my eyes at all.  I was able to look at / upon the the Light, God, yet it felt of ease, felt natural.

What I felt was Love like I've never felt nor experienced before.  It felt to be pure, real, natural Love that surpasses any that I've ever experienced in life through my spouse, children, new love, newborns, etc.  That Love felt so real, so powerful, yet at same time felt so normal, so natural.

The Light was pure light.  No "shape" yet it still felt so real.  Felt like relating to a "person" yet there was "nothing" in sense of form.

There's more to the experience, to the communications, yet the question here is " have you seen God" and my answer is yes, I have seen God, and it's as I've described the experience here.

People believe my experience or not, that's not of importance.  Our Heavenly Father is real, this I know.


Letter from January 28th, 2014
Please hear me: Our Father's Son will come to us as a woman.  The ring finger was cut from the hand of God, and She misses the Father and longs to return to Him.

I was forbidden to ever speak with the Father, but he came to me once and spoke through radio waves.  He said, "Do not enter the world unless you are prepared to see poverty like you've never imagined."  He gave a choice: open my eyes to the "truth" and evil of the world, or open my eyes to His son.  I chose to be with His son, but here's the thing you will not hear from most: The second coming will appear as a woman.  She is His son.  She is your father.  You will kill her and crucify her, and you will condemn and forsake her, but She is the second coming.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, so get ready for the final act.

Letter from January 28th, 2014
I asked for magic and it is now here.  I asked for the impossible to become possible. It will.  God has never been alone.  We have always been together.  As the truth is manifested to us it is manifested to god.  There is no infinity.  He can be understood in human terms.  Something new can be created from that which is not of god but has always been with god.  Something hidden from even god himself.  Something new has begun.

Letter from January 21st, 2014

I was on a weekend trip at one of my favorite places, Norris Lake, TN back in September 2013. I went down with 3 of my friends, but the day I saw him, I was not getting along with them that well. Before that trip, I had quit a lot of my vices. The big one being alcohol, but also tobacco, caffeine, and that day weed. I was clean for a day for the first time in a long time. 
Though that was true for me, my friends were on their way to getting pretty drunk that day. I have no issues with others choices, but them getting drunk was holding me back from exploring Norris Lake. Instead of sitting around with them, watching them get wasted, I decided to do my own thing and explore.

I had one of the best days of my life on my own, but by the end of the day, I had felt like I had ran a gauntlet. My body was cut everywhere. I had thorns everywhere, just because I pretty much HAD to get a closer look at this tree (worth it). While building a fire, I also had a log partially fracture my leg. Either way, it was still one of the most fulfilling days of my life, but it was not over.

At the end of the night, the sky was extremely clear. I had been an amateur star gazer for the prior year, and had always looked for the void. Unfortunately, I could never see it at home because of light pollution. That night though, I was able to see it, and it almost brought me to tears how beautiful it was. I even ran to fetch my friends, because I knew it would be a once in awhile opportunity to see it, but when I brought it to their attention, they did not seem to care whatsoever because they were far too inebriated. 

Now, one thing I forgot to mention. Prior to this moment, I was quickly becoming an atheist. Up until college, I had always believed, but after that, my faith started to wain. Even during that day, I distinctly remember telling a friend that God did not exist. That is besides the point though, back to the story. 

Annoyed by my friends  lack of caring, I walked back down to the dock, and laid on my back staring at the beautiful stars again. While I was lying on that dock, I was mad and awed at the same time. I was furious that friends could be so drunk, that they did not care about seeing the void. I was so mad that my inner dialogue started thinking about hell (even though I hadn't believed in a long time). I said to myself "fu*k this place, i'd rather be in hell than be here if people no longer care about beauty anymore..at least its warm there" I sat and even contemplated a deal with the devil.

I was getting very dark at this point, but all of sudden a switch went off in my head and I said "NO, I don't want to go hell. If there is a heaven I would do anything to get there." I sat and prayed for a minute (for the first time in a long time) and all of sudden the sky exploded with shooting stars. I had seen a few prior to that, but at that moment, I saw every bit of 15 shooting stars all at once. 

If that wasn't incredible enough, at that moment, what seemed like a spotlight came from the sky.. directly upon me. Common sense was trying to come up with anything that it could be, but nothing was coming to mind. The only thing that did come to mind was that it had to be God's shining light. He had found me for some reason. 

The only reasoning I have come up with, is that he knew how lost I was. Like I said, I told a friend there was no God, and even contemplated going to hell in the same day. I thank him everyday for finding me. Nothing was told at that time, but a lot of amazing things have been happening since. I also keep hearing intuitively that I am meant for something BIG, and to be prepared. To this day, I am not sure what that is, but I continue to pray, and wait for what that could be. For those that are still looking, I promise you, he is listening. 

Letter from January 2nd, 2014
I saw God and I'll take a polygraph plus a lot more.

Letter from December 19th, 2013

Hi I am vivek,  a hindu by religion. I have not seen god till date, but I strive to do so.

I routinely meditate and sometimes I feel connected to god. This does not happen every time I meditate but occasionally.

Letter from December 4th, 2013

51 yr old Caucasian Aussie male, reverted to Islam 1st june 2012, after Friday prayers in my Mosque I made addition prayers for my family, friends, war torn Islamic countries etc. A golden / yellow light came through my head and engulfed my body, I was terrified, these words came to me “fear not little one, iam with you and you are with me” in one instant I was relaxed, I felt euphoric, the feeling was so immense and intense in joy I cried, I could not move though for about 5 seconds, I was made to understand that this was from Allah / God. There was no voice it was a communication, in those few seconds I was given clarity, faith and knowledge that it is all real. Alhumdullilah.

Letter from November 20th, 2013
I am probably the most lonely and scared person in the world right now.

When I was 18 I met a man, he was a Muslim I fell in love with him he treated me pretty badly. Fast forward 9 years and he decided he loved me and did everything the right way. I was patient and loyal to him he realised I was worth it. I moved to be with him and met his family they were not overjoyed but were friendly considering their religions attitude to 'kaffirs'
Never gave the religious differences much thought but as I started to get to know them all I realised why he'd been the way he'd been for so many years and I realised that Islam is the greatest trick of the devil and the greatest divider and destroyer. I started to research it, I read the Quran too. One morning I woke up with the words '77 days' in my head. It felt profound I was moved to open my bible to psalm 77 it talked about crying out to god in despair it encompassed all the feelings I'd been having.(Please click on link for more of this letter)

Letter from November 8th, 2013

My name is Dave and I have seen and heard God.

I am an Englishman, 57 years old, a scientist by trade (bit tricky, these days, when you’ve seen God), and, like the Lord, I am not religious, although I was born at exactly sunrise on June 21st, at Stonehenge (OK, not under the stones – too many druids for that – but as close as one can be born there in modern times).

I have often wondered, as do many posters to this site, why God wished to reveal Himself to me.  After many years of pondering, I believe it may be to give witness to His humour.

One or two posters have declared that those of us who have seen God cannot have done because the scriptures say no man shall see God and live – well, either you are being written to by dead people, or the scriptures are mistaken.  Possibly God has moved on and the scriptures are out of date?  For those who suggest we must have seen Satan – fair enough, hard to argue with (but why would Satan not turn up as himself?), but if we have seen Satan, then it kind of says, too, that God does, indeed, exist.  Surely that is the point of bearing witness tohaving seen God? (Please click on this link for more of this letter)

Letter from September 4th, 2013

Hi!  My name is Jasluv and i'm from india! I'm a sikh

in sikhism , we have a holy book called "Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji"  which is a collection of our 10 gurus and many other god lovers who've been sort of prophets as well! 
we are commanded to recite atleast 7 set of verses daily as they do certain functions like connecting us to ground, sky ,fire ,water ,air etc and keeps our soul one with GOD.
I don't know how i met GOD but i've had visions of a place which is beautiful beyond description. There is a music...a very godly and pure music there which is melodious and it soothes the soul!  There were countless realms i could see from that place...countless worlds and endless beauty.
And there was this young guy...he was PERFECT!

He had this hair which were white but black also and all other colours and many more i've never seen before...they were all there. He wore a royal robe which had such a tremendously beautiful design as if it has been dyed in GOD's name ! His glance was so great!  beyond description! There was a greatness in his glance...there was love and peace and beauty. I could experience so much righteousness in that man!  He was truly GREAT! His face was forever young and his authority was such that without his will...even a leaf cannot move!

He was truly amazing!  But he made me know that he wasn't GOD but someone who was "CLOSE" with GOD...he was GOD's True Son! His only son! Maybe he was jesus or someone else! But whosoever he was....i could see GOD in him....!


Letter from August 26th, 2013

Im 19 years old and i live in belgium. My mother always told us to pray since we were little so we did. Everytime i prayed it was like i was in a trance and i forgot that i was in my room and than my mind or my spirit i dont know wznt to a grot were god was. I could see him. He sat there. I could only see his back but i coulf feel his power he was wearing a tunik but i couldnt see very well because it was a little bit dark in the grot. I could even see myself on the kneed praying for him. And he just say there listening to what i had to say. And i always felt so safe next to him. I havent experienced this anymore since my 15 years :( ive also seen an angel back when i was like 8 years old.  It was in the period that my parents were getting divorced. One night i was sleeping when i suddenly hear a loud BOOM in the room thats what woke me up. I remember being so scared but i was little and so curious so i looned. I saw this big light i couldnt even look my eyes were hurting i tried to use my hands to cover my eyes to look but it didnt help. I looked at my mom and sisters to see if they heared the noise to but they were sleeping. And yes we all slept togheter because she felt alone. So i turner my back again to the light when i saw a very big man standing at my side of the bed he had wings very big wings that were blowing wind at my face everytime he moved them. He had a white skin a white tunik with a brown belt and he was wearing sandals he had blond hair and he was so handsome ! Suddenly i wasnt so scared anymore he looked so sweet and smiled at me . He looked at me for 1 minute and than spoke to me . He said " dont be afraid my child , im angel gabriel , the angel from jesus christ" than he told me to pray very hard he repeated that last sentence 3 times . Just when i gathered all my courage to talk to him he dissapeared. I woke up my mom and told her . First the diddnt believe me but than i showed her the place were the angel was standing . You can still see his footprints !!!

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Letter from August 22nd, 2013

My name is Matt, I'm 25. I've seen God ten or so times in my life, in a variety of ways.  The first time was with a girl, we were 20 and falling in love. We had each been crushing on the other for the past month or so and sneaking around work trying to bump into the other, but there were so many reasons not to be together. After things happened, we were sitting on the floor of her room one night (clothed) and laughing and God just came upon us. I knew instantly that He was behind all the urging in my life. God came upon as bright, blissful, inexplicable transcendent light. We were all one, myself God and the girl. My thoughts following the experience were simple... "I never knew I was eternal before" and "that's where I come from". The next day she came up to me and said that that had never happened to her before.  Naturally, being 20, I assumed that's what falling in love was until over the years I realized none of my friends and nobody I confided in could relate.  A year later she told me that she tried to tell everyone she knew about it also! 

Letter from August 11th, 2013

Hello my name is mathew I'm 17 years old. Two days ago I had a dream that I was in my backyard the ski was really dark I turned to my left and saw something come out the ground it was satin he walked past me and stopped and just looked around then I turn to my right towards the sky the clouds opened and there was a bright light then I saw god jump to where I'm at right next to me I was shocked and scared he looked at satin and satin just left god walked around looking at other people talking to them (I wasn't alone) then he came to me and sat me down then he hugged me so tight I just started to cry with emotions I hugged him back he smiled at me then he got up and left.... This was the first time I saw god in my dream ever, what does it mean??

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Letter from August 10th, 2013

Letter from August 21st, 2012
What is it you wish to know and why? I have not only seen GOD, but I sat beside GOD and spoke with him for 2&1/2 hours with Yashua, whom most of the world knows as Jesus as a witness.

Letter from July 28th, 2013

"Long-story-short?” …as possible! Sorry, I tried.

Here's an act of God in Biblical proportion! (a TRUE experience that should yank you out of your box, as well as teach you many secrets of God).  I did not ask for or expect this (you decide). <please click here to read the rest of the letter>

Letter from May 10th, 2012
One afternoon in my back yard, I glanced up into the sky at about 45 degrees and I could not believe my eye's, what appeared to be about 500 or 600 feet up was an image of Jesus formed from a dark cloud my jawed dropped as I stared at him,I was speechless and  to blow my mind even more after a few seconds very quickly a bright white silvery cloud formed next to Jesus and became
Our father 'God'. I called to my wife and she stepped out of the house, I asked her if she saw what I was looking at and she said no, I knew then that this manifestation was for my eyes only.
As I was staring at God he was looking square at me and Jesus was looking away which bothered me. In the last few seconds God had a faint smile for me and believe it or not, He winked at me, after The wink they both dissipated and left me in bewilderment.
God is a very handsome man with large hair
That was very full and wavy and curly. The Bible tells us that we are made in his image and that is true, he looks exactly likes us. I've known men in the past that had God's features. I recognized Jesus the instant that I
Looked up because he looked exactly like all
Of our paintings of him. I intend to do a painting of God and Jesus as I saw them that afternoon. This happened in 2008 and I think of that wonderful experience almost everyday
Since. God really made me feel at ease about everything. 'THANK YOU MY FATHER'.

Letter from May 10th 2012

Okay I’m Steve Berg

I wrote a post back in Oct, I’m the non-religious Jew who ‘woke’ after helping to restore the roof at the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem.

Well, things have moved on since then, I’m heading towards something and it’s moving faster now!

Now….does this sound familiar?

God? If you understood my last post you will realise a simple insurmountable truth.

The ‘infinite’ cannot be known as it can’t be quantified, and yes what we call ‘God’ is the infinite, kind of like a pure intelligence that is not linear. The best way to describe it is like that of the convenient example we now have of the PC, (bearing in mind that all we see manifest in this world began as an idea that popped into the mind of a person, and ultimately, you can’t quantify/trace the mind!)

As a metaphor I’ll say then that the PC does not ‘do’ anything it, simply ‘is’. The ‘animation’ we see on a PC screen comes via a program ‘running’ in a linear way. Do you see the analogy I’m trying to show? God simply ‘is’ outside of time and space, where as we, the manifest are tied to time and space, (again that is explained in my Oct post, why consciousness as a re-cognised feed back loop is reliant on space and time).

Let me tell you a metaphoric tale that will explain more of ‘what’s going on’. Sorry it’s complex, there’s no way around it.

So, what we are is a paradox. Consciousness, which has to be infinite as you can’t conclude it, and by this I mean, well, as an example. ‘How big is your mind?’

You can’t actually size it can you, because even if you imagine it as a really massive bubble, then there is a load of ‘space’ surrounding your bubble, which you are saying is not your mind but then of course it is!

The bubble and the space beyond is all your mind and yes you ended your bubble but you can’t logically end the space that surrounds it! Therefore, consciousness is intrinsically infinite, potentially at least. (Unquantifiable!)

And right there we have an example of the paradox, the conscious aspect is always known and yet the accompanying infinite aspect can’t be known/quantified. [!

In my awakening I was taken into the infinite 'God' and in that I experienced hell, why?

Well, in the infinite there is no time or space. I was merely mind and my mind was becoming all. My past disappeared like a dream come morning, and in that, reflectively the future also reeled in, so I got stuck on an all but timeless now. On reflection it was not completely timeless, because I was able to re-cognise, I was aware and that’s a feed back loop of re-cognised thought that intrinsically takes ‘time’, and yet it felt timeless. God was showing me what it is! Hell yes but there's no other way...

Becoming ‘singular’ it seemed as if I had imagined myself, I had basically become a figment of my own imagination, which is simply insanity! You see from the ‘whole’ perspective, the mind we are part of did indeed invent itself, there is no ‘other’ nothing other than the infinite (All). This is the core crux of the paradox ‘I am real…. You invented yourself…. But I am,….You were not created…… I feel real I had a life….. You imagined it you are nothing……So who is talking?....You are alone, a mind, not ‘real’, no point, not reason and I am the other voice in your mind…..But I was alive…..you imagined it, a fantasy….It was real…..How did it begin, where was it you are no thing not ‘real’ there is no real, there is only you, you are all one alone…….What’s the point? ….There is no point, there is only you…………….it never ends and this paradoxical endless unstoppable shifting back and forth is what creates the buzzing Aummmm noise many have noted, it’s a short circuit! Infinite V finite!

The finite linear, needs continuity, purpose, direction and the infinite truth strips it of that purpose, makes it point-less.

Sufficed to say that the two concepts of finite and infinite are simple not compatible.

The ‘created’ and ‘creator/origin’ aspects of the whole must always be kept apart, or they cancel each other out, as all opposites do!

So, again metaphorically speaking. God, the intelligence, needs to create a ‘place’ where the finite intrinsically linear and in that tied to logic, conscious aspect can exist. In order to facilitate the conscious aspect. Hence time-space! Which is easy for a ‘mind’, the creation ‘imagining’ of the space but then we run into a few problems with the conscious aspects, the inhabitants/observers/recognisors of the space, the finite souls. Why? Well they can’t know that they are God/infinite! Or the paradox kicks back in and they short circuit, ZZzzzzzzzzz! So they are ‘insulated’ from the ‘truth’, limited versions of consciousness.

Okay let’s put them in the program, pop them on a plan-et and off they go! Problem…..they aren’t doing anything?

Not even eating! They are dying off!

Okay, we need to program them to survive, give them a subroutine that we will call ‘survival instinct’. Great…. now they are all fighting each other over food and territory!

Their survival program is having the reverse effect. Okay, we need a more sophisticated program, but then how much can we let them know, before the paradox kicks in?

We’ll give them empathy/compassion routines, stop them killing each other. No good! The survival routine overrides the compassion, ‘I would love to help but I have to look after my own, bills to pay’.

F’it just tell them, but don’t show them acutely. Grab one of them and tell him and then he can tell the rest of them. Oh shit! His mind is collapsing as he is brought into the infinite, he is not designed to exist here, he is finite, he sees the contradiction and now he’s gone insane beyond retrieval!

Do you see the problem?

Okay create a soul program with a lesser self preservation routine, in reality he or she will not be so survival driven, selfless! Then in that they will be more able to see the infinite as they don’t panic when their life is threatened, they don’t cling so hard to reality. Also give them a program that allows them to understand the contradictive cycle, an interface routine. But be careful you don’t expose too much and kick in the paradox!

Okay, job done, the program works, it’s not prefect, the soul suffers the paradox and yet survives, and in that can take a message back.

Problem, no one believes him/her. And even if they did, this knowledge won’t pay the bills! Survival is king in the program……

What God was tying to achieve, was a place where limited ‘finite’ linear soul aspects of God can interact and in that play out the story of the self. Thus fulfilling the criteria of consciousness, having something ‘seemingly’ other than the All to view! But in a harmonious way! God is a being and so wants to be happy, fulfilled and not run into, not remember itself! You have to create wise idiots!?!

So we are the conscious experiential limited ‘linear’ creation! We re-cognise the linear story, we view the story of creation!

And because it’s still going wrong, I was taken to the Temple Mount and then taken to God. And I was shown all this!

We are heading for a shift, the ‘dinosaurs’ are obsolete, survival was not the goal, it was only a subroutine that made us ‘move’.

Can I just say here that all those who have genuinely seen God, in all the crazy formats, the ways that they can accept without their minds collapsing, are indeed telling the truth!

The message is the same! Stop the killing, stop the hate, enjoy, celebrate existence, it’s not a race!

As time moves on, and we move with it, we are now embarking upon a new age.

There is no way that talk can change the world! God will create a paradise realm for the conscious aspects to dwell in, there will be peace.

Unfortunately we have to lose some of our innocence in order to achieve this, the ignorant/bliss thing just wasn’t working! We will be given more truth, we will have to know what we are, be let in on the secret, and yet via the trail and error, we are now ready to accept the said truth.

We too can understand the paradox! There is no true freedom!! If consciousness is not formatted, if there is no premise, no game, then we cannot ‘play’, ‘be’, we are no thing. Freedom non-limitation becomes our hell.

So yes the story I told you above was not ‘correct’! There were no mistakes! We had to ‘evolve’ or ‘learn’ or ‘grow’ it’s a process of logical linear understanding. Because you can’t stand under, something that you can’t understand!!!!

Not a mistake, part of the linear cycle which then lends understanding and acceptance.

Logic, logic logic! Consciousness is tied to logic, it’s a feed back loop, re-cognition, Q&A. 1&0, quest and resolve.

Okay God is not wholly logical, I mean, it exists, outside of time and space, indeed creating time and space. No explanation it just is.

But the conscious aspect, the experiential part that is aware is by nature logical to a fault. The point I am making is that some say that it’s all beyond us but that’s not true. We can and will understand exactly what we are! We will see magic happen and understand why it’s possible (nothing is ‘real’, the physical realm is a construct, all is mind), we will understand and then accept God!

God is mystical in the fact that it exists for no reason, but we are not mystical, we are logical, in everything we do logic is our language!

We will reach paradise! But then pass on through, there’s no stopping us; you work to buy a new car, you get the money and the car arrives, it’s great, for a few months and then the car becomes old. Our linear nature!

There is a limit to what we can achieve, a limit set by the premise we embark upon, ‘man in space’. The story begins and ends, and so, because there is no beginning or end to God, no ‘time’. We simply start over and do it all again, we forget to remember, we sleep to wake, we have too! There always has to be a ‘vent’ for consciousness to play out or it doesn’t exist! Time-space is unstoppable, and yet limited so it recycles over and over. (The bouncing universe theory!)

Every time feeling like the first time, we have ‘New’ in what can never be new.

In time everything gets old, as the story is told, and the truth unfolds.

So do you see what’s coming? As real as this place feels it will inevitably change, you can’t stop it now not with guns or bombs, the shift will come!

The ‘dinosaurs’ will deny simple logic due to greed born of excessive fear (survival instinct) and in that they render themselves obsolete.

Yes some won’t make it, they have served their purpose, their time is over as a new type of being evolves (revolves back in to ‘fashion’). A being that can accept that we are one mind talking to itself, viewing itself, which means we are family in the strictest sense and in that we will act like family and do you see!!!!!!

Our bothers and sisters are starving to death in the face of the most decadent wealth!!

Let me again say: God exists! Time does not pass in God, don’t try to imagine it, imagine is to quantify so it’s not logically possible. Trying to imagine God is like trying to breathe underwater. However understanding God resolves the issue of origin because origin is a time based concept and as for location, it’s all mind, nothing is physically real, but then science knows that anyhow, all is ‘energy’.

The big bang theory is correct, well kinda. I explained in my last post how when the two opposites try to join it causes an implosion/explosion! That’s what the big bang is! The mind fragments, falls asleep in order to wake, forgets in order to re-member.

Fact! If an ‘aware’ conscious entity is to exist, it has to at least in part adopt a linear time-space based format in order to be ‘aware’, there’s no other possible way!

Aware? Aware of what? It has to be aware of something and if that something doesn’t make sense then neither does the viewer, it would be insane. And insanity is not re-cognition, it’s abstract, unstable, and so not ‘aware’. You can’t escape logic!

This I call the gyroscopic effect, if there is no fixed base in the infinite, then how do you build a found-at-i-on to logic? You can’t! And so look at the gyroscope, as long as it revolves it has stability. A cycle so big it looks like a line, you know, like that the Earth is so big that the bit we live on looks flat!

A line that seems to have points, beginnings and ends, which make sense! This of course why we instinctively say that someone goes loopy or round the bend when they go mad! If you see all the way round then you become your own creator and pull the rug on your logical sanity.

You can go over the above in your mind and see how is simply has to be this way, and then you have found God!

Possible now because it’s time!

The hard work, the cosmic winter is all but over, the premise is set, understanding is here!

Letter from May 5th 2012

I have seen god . He is absolutely like us, only his hair is perfect not a hair out of place .It is almost as it was painted on his head . He is white and his hair is short. He did not speak directly to me he spoke to me through a loved one. He came to me to answer a question I have been asking him for years.All I was allowed to see was his face sideways through the clouds . But I seen him clear as day and I will never forget it for as long as I live. I just wish someone else could say the same thing about what they saw because I feel isolated when people don't believe me.I also seen what a demon looks like and it is not pretty.

Letter from March 15th 2012
I received my faith ten years ago and one night while praying i was removed in spirit to the place of the crucifixion.  I stood there and watched our Lord Jesus Christ as he struggled to breath.
There was not an inch of his body that was unharmed, he was covered in cuts and scratches from head to toe.  his hair was roughly cut to shoulder length and his beard was about two inches long. The was a piece of flesh that had been torn from his shoulder stuck to his beard. He leaned out from the cross and breathed in short shallow breaths as he suffocated on his own blood that had filled his lungs. His skin colour was of olive complexion but as he was near death he was taking on the colour of death.
I stood there for ten minutes and noticed that all of his friends were afraid and had not stood beside him to comfort him. I felt pain in my heart and in my body and realised that I was standing in the place of his mother Mary who was distraught and inconsolable.
This image and the physical pain that stayed with me for days afterwards will remain in my heart for all of my life. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to comfort my Lord at his time of need. I looked out across the dark landscape and noticed that there was a stillness in the country side, the sky was dark as in an eclipse but I could see the mountains on the horizon.
It was though the world had stopped and all I could focus on was the suffering of Jesus. He did not hang from the cross in quiet pain free acceptance but struggled for air though his lungs were filled and he could not obtain enough air to breath.I did not see him die as I was taken back to my room. I noticed that even though I was kneeling in prayer, my body was leaned back so that my back was nearly touching the floor behind me. I have kept these things with me all these years and am happy to share with other people. I do not mind if people do not believe me as the vision was for me.
Praise be to God.

Letter from February 29th 2012

Hi, My name is Aldo Rosado and I have seen God. He first appeared to me in 2003. I was in my bedroom and I looked up and seen smoke in a curricular motion like a fog. I stood up and glanced at it and breathed it in my lungs. It had no smell, no taste and no voice. The reason I knew it was God is because it stayed with me for about 2 minutes and then evaporated through the walls and disappeared. This mysterious manifestation has had me wonder why me and why did God choose me. It’s almost as if I have to figure out what to do and now in the year 2012 it never has happened again since 2003. I wrote a story about it on line called the “The Fog.” Here is the URl>http://www.castleofspirits.com/stories02/tfog.html
Some people believe me and others do not. I don’t expect everybody to believe me, but I do know that it has been a very deep part of my life ever since because I know there is life after death, but not the kind of life we perceive it to be. Common sense tells me that a Fog can not speak. God can not speak unless he manifests himself into an object to speak for him. A spirit is lifeless and free, but if God puts that spirit into an object, it’s possible for a face to appear, or in a bird that sings the words of God and yet we do not understand what is God purpose and here again why he chose me. I have not been a born again Christian nor have I been sinless since God appeared to me, but I will say this and end this letter what ever the purpose was is purely a miracle and if I don’t do something about it then God’s appearance to me would be futile and useless.

Letter from from February 15th, 2012

Letter from February 12th 2012
Prove me Wrong that the photo that has a shadow in mid air is wrong.
and i will be a servant of you for whole life..
Well God do exists and i have more proofs
life is full of love
though we dont realize it
Thank you
From India

Letter from February 6th 2012

I think i saw god when i was in hospital i had a strange feeling that god was there so i went into the hall and there stood a man with a hazy glow round him he had neat golden curly hair jawbone level golden curly beard bout 4inch long and piercing blue eyes he had a stern look on his face.by jo lewis

Letter from January 2nd, 2012

My father Almighty God is God,the creator of whole universe,unchangable God,the husband of widows and father to all fatherless. I bless his holy Name.
There was a time my soul long or desire for Jesus& my creator,i cried almost that period ,all my prayer point was i want to see Jesus chirst. Every night i could not sleep is like having fear in my life every night.but one faithful Night I experience peace,love $ joy.immdiately i closed my eye to sleep.i heard my name he said i have come to see you.he speaks gentile, his voice sounds so sweet ,he was so tall,he wore white garment, he spoke to me while i was in the dream,it was like a real life.from that moment I slept like a new born baby that night. Our God hears and he sees he knows our desire. The word of God says ''without faith u cannot please God''.believe,trust and obey our Almighty God.

Letter from November 28th, 2011
My Story,
 when I was a little boy aged 8, the Lord took my mother from me in a car accident, as I saw the coffin lowered into the ground I pushed God away! I grew up and finally developed a relationship with my father who died when I was 18 yrs. So I decided to live my life as a humanitarian and felt that if I do good things in life I will not get to harshly treated if there is an afterlife.
After trying several different avenues I decided to be a nurse and to help to heal people. I married after reaching 30s and my wife battled depression and the marriage suffered greatly, but I being the great one I could cope with anything kept strong!
Then one day while preparing a meal at the cooker I felt a presence behind me it felt huge, so I dare not move my eyes in case I would see anything, I asked it to leave and it did not go straight away. It was only then that my mind allowed me to remember several things that had went on that few weeks prior doors shutting in my face hearing sounds of like a gang of people making alot of noise in the side of the house that is not connected to any other house. all this kind of stuff was so that i was explaining it all away like did I leave that computer on??
That evening I spoke to a sister who did alot of healings and connected with the angels and also sent spirits on, I gave her the whole story and my sister told me to ask Arch Angel Michael with love and light to come above and below me to the left and right, front and back of me and to come into me, with that I felt I was getting the biggest hug I ever received in my whole life and I nearly asked my dear sis to stop talking as I was enjoying it so much.
I told my wife this story, she recanted that in her work place she heard me calling her form upstairs, and also heard me and the kids arrive in the drive she looked out the bedroom window and saw nobody there! these events had happened for her during the week s prioAndre Martin de Barrosr.
We went to my sisters for holiday, there I sat with her and the session began, she waved about a bunch of sage burning and it began, she ask in the name of Jesus and Arch Angel Michael to ask the spirits who were with me in my kitchen to come forth! I was asked to hold out my left hand and so I felt a real cold sensation my sis then asked who was it and asked me to allow the name to come from the heart not my head, the name felt like it was forced out from my chest Cha a late uncle, then I was asked to hold out the right hand and I felt a lesser coldness I knew straight away this was my father, during the proceedings i was shown a picture of a stripped baby's jumper I asked my sister what could this mean? she said it was our mother in the back round.
All these proceedings happened with my eyes closed.
The next part of this meeting she told me there were two spirits with me which needed to be moved on to the light, the first was a boy around age seven, My sister asked me how did he died and I seen him collapse twice in my mind, the next was a baby which went with the other spirit as my sister sent the baby on, I got an image of a child waving! I returned to my home and I was now terrified and had a feeling the spirits were not finished with me, when even my kid were in school I would drive around to anywhere but my home on the second day of doing the same I parked in a car park of a forest reclined my seat in my car and put the radio on fairly loudly and tried to nap each time I did my heart felt like it was fluttering anyway I settled with this fluttering in my chest even though I knew my heart was not racing,
then I felt the spirits come into my chest the told me not to be frightened and I felt so much love and joy in my chest in my mind they were just like bright light, at some point I asked not to allow me to see anything with my eyes. It felt like they were fluttering and swapping to give me hugs then I had my mother hug me I knew it was her as it was a mother son connection and she wept over me, the then put an image of me as a little boy pushing away God for taking her from me it was then I asked them to ask the Lord to forgive me for doing so! At some point I felt I had had enough and they put an image into my mind of someone grabbing the back of someones ankles I understood they meant me not to leave yet! The love and joy and hugs continued throughout this experience.
Then the revealed the Lord like pulling back a curtain of their bright light to reveal the light and love of the Lord even though their light was the same, then they revealed another presence that seemed higher to my right had side and I knew this to be Our Lady.
As I was still in the car I felt my legs straighten out and felt as if my body was starting to raise up and it was there I didn't want to to any furhter with the experience and then the feeling of them moved away.
The feeling of joy and or love and the world seemed so bright, that lasted for at least a full day and a half.
So from this I truly believe in the Lords love and light and we must lead good lives!

Letter from November 14th 2011
I saw the face of his son. I dont belive it is my purpose to tell anyone what he looked like in my personal vision, but for me it was obvious that it was jesus. He looked like any of us,and still not. Like a miserable man. Still i could tell he was royal like no one else./ mike the mormon busdriver

Letter from October 18th 2011
I have seen God with my own eyes when I was about 2 years of age and it was not a man. It was the same description described by our genuine profit. I do not care to be believed, it doesnt matter to me. I dont believe in God, I know God exists. All the paintings and pictures are wrong, the churches are wrong, everything people think they know is wrong. God is not a man, can not breed with man, can not become a man.

Letter from October 17th 2011

I am going to really piss many off because I Did actually see God and will explain in detail! You see there is something buried in 99% of people that doesn’t want this to be true. Explaining why when you say you have seen God, everyone pulls a stupid face.

Mainly because no one ‘really’ believes in God, not really, so they think you are a lair, the reaction is such a dead give away.

Not a mystical experience or strange feeling, I saw and understood something more real than this construct reality. Technically, I did not see ‘God’, the man with a beard who gives you everything you want if you are good, of course not because that’s actually Father Xmas, and no he doesn’t exist.

And when you say ‘God’ it’s a tricky one because there are many definitions of that word. God is not an infinite ‘being’ simply because the infinite can’t be sized/quantified and therefore anything that becomes manifest, even if it’s not physical per se, will then by it’s definition not be the ‘whole’, only an aspect…so there’s no such thing as an infinite ‘being’ that’s a contradiction in terms, I think the Hindus understand that, it’s complicated let me explain. (When God speaks it’s always via a construct/mechanism/avatar, something a linear being may understand.) This is going to be a tale you never expected and even after reading it and understanding the logic and noting the impossible events that surrounded what I call my ‘awakening’, you still won’t believe it, why?

It’s simple, you won’t believe in God until you see it for yourself! Which is natural, sane, logical!

Sure many say they believe in God, but the hard fact is that they are nothing more than hopeful, or they have seen something that makes them suspect 99%. The example of this for me is that many say that they have seen angels. Well, I never saw an angel. However, seeing what God is I understand that they could indeed exist, in computer terms I would call We The Angelsthem system tools, it makes sense, and yet I have never seen one and so I don’t really know…

Okay, I was born in London in 1961, a Jew by birth and yet not religious. In fact because I was brought up in a Christian secular working class area, I was bullied for being different and in that I had to fight for most of my early life.  This made me hard and sceptical, so no I am not a ‘spiritual type’ with a predisposition for this kind of thing. In my dog eat dog world no one speaks of God, except for maybe the odd religious freaks who collect money in the pub.I did have a big thing about right and wrong and would always stick up for anyone who was bullied, of course due to being bullied myself, knowing how it felt.  So that was me, working class, tattooed bit of a Jack the lad.

In 1993/4, as Roofing Leadworker I headed a four man team, laying 140 tonne of sheet lead to the lower roof slopes of the Dome of the Rock Jerusalem, during the refurbishment works.This is when the ‘odd’ began.  In fact the ‘weird’ started even before that in the way we that won the Dome contract. (When I say weird or odd, I actually mean, ‘More than is generally seen in this logical construct reality, and yet when you know how it works it’s actually very logical.)

Me and my work mates were working at Windsor Castle at the time, and in a tea break I was reading the paper checking out what work was being advertised with regards to getting some work when the current contract ended.

I saw an ad that said, ‘Leadworkers wanted in the Middle East’ and I said right there and then to my mates that we would get that contract. I just knew! I don’t know how I knew but I did, but then that’s no so weird, we all have things like that happen to us. You know, like that you think of someone and then they call you on the phone etc.

The main contractor competed world wide to win that contract and we competed country wide to become their subcontractors completing a show job in Burton Dasset, not far from Oxford.

So the chances of me, a Jew, working at the Muslim controlled site were pretty slim, and yes they did find out I was a Jew and yes of course there was nearly an incident, you know how people are. But then as I said, I don’t look like someone you would mess with so I fronted it out and it faded away.

(In fact I am not an aggressive person, I hate violence being a victim of it, and yet I do look like a ‘thug’ broken nose and tattoos, but then we all looked like that where I was dragged up.)

So, the contract commenced and was completed with nothing ‘strange’ happening. The only odd thing that happened back then, that I didn’t really take any notice of because it made no sense to me at the time was this. I was walking across the dome area one day with my work mate going for a piss. Then some guy cane running up to me and started to shake my hand, he said ‘You have come to help restore our Father’s house!’

I said, ‘Yeah we are doing the lead below the dome’ but then he wouldn’t let go of my hand and would not stop smiling, and I have to admit I was getting a bit uncomfortable. Then when I figured it was enough I took back my hand and began on my way. As I walked away he shouted after me, my name is (something in what did not sound like Arabic and it definitely wasn’t Hebrew). I smiled and carried on. Then he shouted, ‘In English that’s Jesus, Jesus!

I smiled again and carried on my way, and it was odd because he never once even looked at my work mate and we were both wearing company logo T shirts.

The really crazy stuff happened about nine months or so after I got back to the UK.

I was working on the Cathedral in Truro at the time.

I won’t tell you in detail what happened because it takes too long, and this e-mail is going to be long enough. I will just hit on a few bullet points so that you can get the picture of what I’m talking about.

I was working in Truro with one other work mate. We rented a cottage for the duration of the works and my girlfriend came down to stay treating it as holiday.

So, we set up site and began the works.

I was sitting on the roof replacing lead ridge cappings about 100ft up. My mate looked up at the spire and said something like, ‘The spire looks much higher from up here, you would have thought it would look higher from the ground but you have to be up here to see exactly how high it really is’.

As I looked at the spire I felt really weird. You see I had seen this exact same view before! Maybe three years back. I had dream, such a prolific dream that I even tried to write about it, and yet I couldn’t use a PC back then, heck hardly anyone had PC’s back then, and my writing is terrible so I eventually gave up.

In my dream I saw this exact same sight and you had to be 100ft up to see it this way.

As I looked on, the spire split apart and fell as a siren sounded, then a line of energy shoot out of the ruin and connected to every other holy sight in the world.

Well in reality, it wasn’t a siren, the noise was someone tuning the organ, the experience was such that it actually dragged me back into that dream as if it were seconds ago!!

There is no way to describe how I felt, I was not entirely sure if I was dreaming or awake!

I felt so shaky that I made an excuse to go down and get some drinks, I didn’t feel safe up there I felt like I needed to be on the ground.

Back on the ground my head was spinning, what was happening, how had my dream broken into reality. I stood in the queue in the shop and the crazy thing that was the radio seemed to be answering my questions by way of the songs it was playing. I needed to get out of there fast! I paid and left then decided to go inside the Cathedral sit down, take five, get my shit together.

But then as I walked into the Cathedral I was confronted by a painting of the Cathedral with a line of energy coming out of it connecting to the other churches in Cornwall, just like in my dream. Can you imagine how I felt, I was sinking big time.

Standing in the compound my mind was racing, what the hell was going on and as I stood there I saw a piece of paper about 30 ft away, caught on the wind flitting about, but somehow it didn’t seem to belong in reality. As I watched it flew around gradually making its way to me lodging itself squarely under the toe of my work book.

I picked it up and read it, it was a torn piece of a church flyer, it read, ‘God will come into your life’ and I felt …….sick.

I stood there for a while and the decided to carry on as normal, put this out of my mind, be strong, be normal, so I climbed back up to where my workmate was and we both drunk our drinks and got back to work.

As I focused on the work, things settled down to just a question mark in my mind, I felt normal again.

That night when we go back to the cottage, I sat down in front of the TV, but then my eyes kept being drawn to the plug, Pos, Neg, Earth, Pos, neg Earth. It all made such sense, I didn’t have the words to describe it back then but it was a fractal of reality which was a product of consciousness. Viewer, viewed and that which is neither, the viewer draws from the subconscious (infinite) neg and manifests the viewed Earth.

As fast as it made sense it didn’t and I sat there trying to explain it to my girlfriend and my mate. They laughed because I do like to joke, and they though this was me being silly as usual.

It was confusing back then, the infinite is potentially all and yet can’t manifest as it contradicts itself being All (it would be male female, black white, old young, in out, up down etc.) and therefore it manifests in a logical linear defined format in order to be known. And as it is conscious it must be known as consciousness is achieved via a re-cognised feedback loop of separated thought, the conscious element of the all forcing the ONE to separate so that it can be self aware. In viewing our thoughts that are deemed not to be us the viewer, we then re-cognise those thoughts, and in that re-cognise the recognisor, we see ourselves, we are self aware.

An interaction between finite and infinite opposites that then creates a linear experience of the impossible un-manifestable infinite. Kind of like viewing a film that is complete and in the can (infinite), frame by frame (linear finite) in order to know the film.

As I said, as quick as I understood, I then didn’t understand. It was as if it was shown then taken away.

The rest of the week was fairly normal although I did ponder it over and over and then on the weekend everything changed.

Obviously I spoke to my girlfriend about it, she said that it might be due to me trying LCD one time in India; this was what they called flashbacks. Well it sounded feasible and I was happy to have a reason for this because then it was ‘normal’ and in that it would pass. But then deep down I was not happy with the reason due to how the experience was entering the real world, there were too many coincidences.

That night I went to sleep as usual and then I began to dream. In my dream I became aware I was dreaming, something that I was used to, something I enjoy often in fact as when you know you are dreaming then you can jump off of buildings and fly, walk through walls, generally have fun, they call it lucid dreaming.

So, in my dream I was standing in a normal kind of place and then I looked up at the sky. It split apart and in the gap I saw incredible colours as music was playing and I was drawn into the ‘gap’.

This was no dream!!!!!

I was Totally aware that my body was asleep on the bed but I could not for the life of me get back there, it was terrifying.

I was being communicated with, there was a voice in my mind talking to me but I saw no other. The voice was showing images, teaching me, REMINDING me of who I really was.

I was scared and in that I was arguing against the voice, I was saying that this was not real, this is a flashback, it would pass. It was hell, why? Because the voice was logically dismantling my reality, and I was not ready for that, I needed reality it was my sanity.

I had trained in the parachute reg, was a martial arts instructor and had had more street fights than I cared to remember so I consider myself to be strong of character.

I was treating this like one of my physical challenges, ‘Push through the pain Berg, this will pass, dig deep, be strong’.

The voice laughed at me as I struggled to defend reality. ‘You don’t even know where you are! You think you are ‘in’ space, when space can’t have a logical boundary to be with ‘in’, your reality makes no sense it never did. Began from nothing with a bang? Nothing can come from nothing, there is no action in nothing in order to facilitate a change into something, which simply means that there must have always been something, which makes no sense to a linear being but I will explain.’

I had to deny this truth, in my mind I was fighting for survival, defending the reality that made me me. A ‘real’ person born in a ‘real’ place.

But then I lost the argument…….

I was speaking to an aspect of God, not God because God is all and it’s not linear, it messes with a linear mind, it makes no sense, but then sense and logic is not all that exists.

We linear aspects exist in a logic bubble, logic is our language, the language we use to reveal approximately what consciousness is. And yet consciousness is potentially anything and yet nothing if not manifest.

‘God’ from the infinite aspect is an unlimited mind, and yet in order to know itself it needs a premise or format, and then that premise or format dictates limitation.

Example; We are doing nothing there are no rules, but then we decide to play football. Now we are ‘footballers’ which means we have two sides, an objective and rules. The premise format creates limitation via rules/parameters.

I won’t try to explain more of what ‘God’ is here, that’s a book!

Sufficed to say, I ‘woke’. In an experience that seemed to last for days I began to remember who I am, who we are.

Yes we are all God, and yet individual aspects, this so that God can interact with itself and in that know itself and also fulfil the conscious criteria creating ‘other than’ so from both the cosmic and ‘real’ perspective, consciousness has something other than itself in order to re-cognise and in that be self aware. (The feed back loop of re-cognised thought.)

The infinite can’t manifest as a whole as it can’t be quantified and as I said, as soon as anything manifests then it will be a fragment which only makes sense relative to other fragments that approximate the whole.

God is telling the story of itself, as there is nothing other than God it has to, there is nothing other than it!

The reason I say ‘I remembered’ is due to the fact that as God, we actually know all of this. We had to forget it in order to play it out which as I said we have to in order to fulfil the conscious element.

So God was really just reminding/waking me and yes, as God reminded me I got that ‘Oh shit’ feeling. Yes, I remembered.

Real quick; the conscious aspect of God is linear due to how consciousness works, the re-cognised feed back loop, which requires time and space (separation) for the feed back.

In the infinite there is no separation between anything, all is ONE and so there can be no feed back, and so no consciousness. If a soul reaches the point at which it is big enough to see all, it will by its nature not stop viewing, and therefore it will attempt to view its infinite aspect. Adam tries to be as God, Adam representing the finite, and God is Infinite.

If the two opposites attempt to join, the same thing will happen from both perspectives. One; if the finite becomes infinite it will lose its time-space element and then not be self aware, it will implode or ‘sleep’.

If a finite aspect (male penis 1) enters the infinite (female vagina 0) it will via it’s defined view point beg the question, how big is this I am attempting to view, it will try to quantify, and that is endless expansion. Which, is an explosion, and therefore, if the two opposites join then they will annihilate each other, implode and explode, which can’t actually happen because nothing can be lost as there is nowhere to be lost to as God is all. And so we can see from this a mind that must consume itself in thought, as consciousness requires thought, which will eventually lead to a paradox point where the finite aspect will try to know the infinite, which then explodes the whole that will have to re-member as there is nowhere ‘other’ to explode to.

Which then dictates cycles of sleep and wake as God forgets and remembers itself so that it can be conscious of the only thing that ‘IS’ itself. (When male 1 and female 0 opposites join, it is creative!)

And in order to reveal itself it has to separate into soul aspects to then play out an interactive story, this as a catalyst to know itself as if it doesn’t do anything then it isn’t anything. It’s a play of the self roughly speaking, but yes that takes a book to explain, a book I don’t need to write because everyone will see this soon anyhow!

So, we re-member what ‘IS’ and that’s why I say I woke.

When I woke from my ‘dream’, which was very emotional and incredibly frightening, I told my girl friend what had happened. (In that first week I had blood flecks in my eyes and lost about a stone in weight.)

My girlfriend thought the sane as you, ‘He’s nuts’!

But then she loved me so the next day she went out and bought me a bible.

I laughed, the bible does contain some truth but it’s a book written by a man, well many men and yet vetoed by one man, it’s nothing more than a work of propaganda created in order to control people.

But then as coincidence was rife back then, well it still is, but back then it shocked and amused me as it was new. I flipped open the bible and slammed my finger down. It read something like ‘I will return you to Zion and give you teachers who know me’.

Zion was where I was working a few months earlier.

Then I flipped it again and read ‘The first place I chose for you to worship me is Shiloh, and the name of he cottage we were standing in was Shiloh!

It went on and on and on, when I got back to London my Father was really annoyed at what I was saying and so I was able to tell him that he would win the football pools the next week, he still has the cheque!

And yet in time he has reverted back to his secular ways, I have tried to tell so many people about what happened to me and yet no one is really interested. I guess it’s only natural that people only deal with what is on their plate.

Yeah God may well be real but God does not pay my bills, I do understand.

So, I could if given time, telling you of every coincidence and impossible event, and more than that explain how the logical element of God works so that you too could understand. I could maybe bring you to the 99% belief in God, but ultimately, you will have to see it for yourself in order to believe/know, or you are a mere gullible fool.

2012? Not sure about the date but yes there is a shift coming. A shift forced by logic in fact, why? Well, we are playing out the premise of ‘man’, the first passages of His-story. Like kids learning our ABC’s and due to how we are growing in ‘essential’ ignorance, so that we play the game, invent the ‘things’ interact and experience ourselves ‘evolve’. (If we knew it was a game we would not play.)

The ignorance creates fear which in turn creates greed and panic and in that we grab and control. Creating this grabby bully world they call a capitalist democracy. And in ‘math’ it goes that such a system has to expand in order to survive, exploiting all asset bubbles until there are none left to exploit, and then the money all gravitates to money, we have winners and losers, like Monopoly really. And in that the losers have no mechanism to pull down money to survive, no real jobs with good wages as the winners are squeezing it to battle each other, and so the money does not come down to the workers who are the consumers, it doesn’t circulate and the game naturally ends.

This is where we are!

The ‘people’ call for a fairer system, they are the majority and they do all the work. They say to the rich, give back so that the game can be sustained but then the rich love money and power. They will never give back!!!! They are like the monkey stuck with its hand through a chain link fence. It can’t pull its hand back because it’s hanging on to an apple that won’t fit through, it wants it and yet will never get to eat it, and yet it refuses to let go.

This is where we are, stuck at an impasse.

Economic melt down, revolution and war!

The game has come to its conclusion, but then due to where we are, what we now understand of God, (some of us), we can extend the game via a relaxation of the rules. Rules that are not ‘real’ they are in place in order to get us here is all.

So comes the revelation of which my awakening is part.

Yes there will be a shift, some of the magic will soon replace the logic.

They say polarity shift, yes, I can see that, the more ‘spiritual’ of us will lead as opposed to the most driven by greed. And when I say spiritual, I mean the ones who understand God and in that believe in equality, justice, compassion, tolerance and yet not in an airy fairy way, those weeping do gooders just get in the way.

Each man will be asked to take responsibility for himself and everyone else, work towards being a part of a balanced whole that will allow men to further explore themselves outside of fear and corruption

We have to ensure that everyone is okay!!!!!!!

Some times nurturing, sometimes via tough love, like gardening I suppose!

So yes I did see God, I saw more than can be imagined and when God reveals itself only then will you want to know exactly what I saw, but by then there will be no point in telling you….no need…. Irony!

Irony? You see ‘life’ is based on irony, a simple paradox. All that exists is infinite conscious energy, and the infinite can’t be known/manifest and consciousness, the finite, can’t quantify the infinite.

Which then creates endless cycles of cosmic sleep and wake, as finite premise plays out to its conclusion and then reboots, over and over and over. As long as the paradox exists it can’t ever end, (perpetuation) and also seeing as we forget as we sleep, we can watch this movie for the first time for ever!

You may think that God is all wooooooo spooky weird, it makes you act weird, it makes grown men wear dresses and speak in funny ways, and also, due to the fact that no one really believes that God exists, anyone says any old shit about God.

Not so!

It’s the most natural thing there is!

Not a bunch of mindless bullshit like current science, which is only really a struggle for control.

You see yes, the logic bubble can be understood, the chain reaction, but then this infinite conscious entity that drives the cycles exists???!!!!

As opposed to there being nothing, that would have had to stay nothing!

How sane is that? Something exists, as opposed to nothing, it immense!

It’s awesome!

And luckily God is not an asshole, therefore yes, we did need to experience all the negative stuff in order to define the positive stuff, there is no love without hate.

And so soon, when the shift comes, as we ‘grow’ we will begin to celebrate existence, not just sell each other in order to survive.

Why did it have to be so bad?

Well, bearing in mind that nothing dies, ‘reflective’ the height we wish to reach is totally dependant on the depth we are prepared to go.

And we have gone pretty dam low. I can’t think of any way we could have gone lower in this premise. We have had genocide, murder, rape, slavery, crucifixion, it can’t get worse, well, apart from in the movie Life of Brian, where the guy reckons you can get worse than crucifixion! Silly person!

God is real, religion is bullshit, if you want to know what Jesus said then don’t bother reading a book compiled by a Pharisee convert usurper, Saul, who change his name to Paul.

The truth is coming and no one can stand against it.

And I just know that’s gonna piss a hell of a lot of people off. Hence Armageddon!

(In order to experience a better existence, any aspect that wishes the old exploitative world to remain will be removed via choice or force.)

And yes you can swear and joke of course you can, this is what we are, a little rough around the edges maybe, the spice of life! No need to be a hypocrite, shit, most would look at me and see the devil with my tattoos, this as they run to a priest who fiddles with kids!

Or the politician who lets the system fail to see many suffer as he feathers his own nest. Or the respected business man who signed the paper that saw people thrown off of their land, macheted if they refused.

So I swear, so what. I would give my life for my fellow man, to see peace and happiness I would consider it an honour and a fair trade.

No more facades, no more lies.

Good is as good does!

Yes I saw God……

Letter from October 6th, 2011
Well my experiance was about 2 or 3 years ago i was at the library looking for some books to hire out when i came across a symbols books so i decided to get it
i found it quite interesting i came across a buddhist mandala " at the time i had no idea what it or what it was used for the book didnt tell me ethier but it
fascinated me so i drew my own using symbols i could understand.
As i was going to sleep my mandala was still fresh in my mind and though visualization it got clearer and clearer all of a sudden it was like i could touch it in my mind
the BOOM, a great flash of light went of in my head.
Thats my experiance with God or the light whatever you want to call it

Letter from September 18, 2011

I don't know what it means to be me. But God has sent his Holy Spirit to me a couple of times and engulfed me with pure Love. I knew that I could ask anything and it would be answered. I asked why I had been hurt for so long by so many. The answer was so that I could be there at that moment with Him. I have never and will never be more in Love. I asked for my purpose and the answer was to be a warrior. I still don't know what that means. I loved everyone, even child molesters and murderers. I just loved them and saw a divine light in everyone. Everybody glowed like angels. It was as if it had always been like this but I was choosing not to see it before. I even loved the grain of sand that was on the ground, and I felt it love me back. I wanted to stand up in Church and YELL! "Hey don't you see that you don't have to be sad? Don't you know that you are loved? Open your Hearts! Open your EYES! HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THIS? If you did you wouldn't be here like this. You would be talking to each other, laughing and hugging and loving each other, that's how you show God Love. You would be just smiling and loving each other." I think I should've done it but I was afraid that they would think I was crazy. Then one day I hoped it would never leave. Then it was gone. My friends and family looked at me like I was crazy when I told them. I ended up falling from grace and hurting myself and others. I had anger problems and self abuse habits. Then I lost sight of the love in the world and felt alone. I was desperate. Then I literally fell onto a prayer that was in a book on the floor of my trashed bedroom. I read it and my pain was Gone. I tried changing my life. I decided to seek God and Find God again. I Felt like a failure over and over again. I grew angry and resentful, and jealous. I didn't understand. Then not too long ago I was going to kill myself. God put a person that has hurt me the most and made him help me see the good again. Not like before but I know it's there now. I gave up my free will to make plans and chose only to follow. I don't know where this will lead me. My Friends think it's crazy or that I'm being a goody shoes. They think that I'm over the edge on my Quest for God. But I don't think anyone can go to far on that. How can you love too much? I'm back on my quest and a couple of nights ago Gods face appeared on the crinkles of a poster in my sons room facing my bed through the doorways. It Looks just like the shroud of Jesus. He doesn't look happy. I don't know what to do. Please pray that I do the right thing.
Christie Marie Herrera

Another recent letter from September 18, 2011

Dear Mr Zebra,

I have the pleasure to write you such a letter, for I have had various
experiences to do with love/intention and Nirvana/Heaven of God.

It happened one day when I went to see a spiritual master, and after
hearing what he had to say on certain matters, the feeling of love in
the heart (more like anahata) blossomed outwards beyond the realms of
what we call 'personal space' and melded into an infinity within,
showing me that life and love are one and the same.
And that we are all meant to be connected as one in love/joy and
sincerity, very much what I often see all the time in little children
and animals, especially dogs.

That indeed truly was a blessing from God, and I have been grateful for
such an experience. A couple friends I told to told me that I had
experienced supreme bhakti-enlightenment. Honestly, I wasn't sure what
to make of it when they said that.

The feeling of love, light within, grace and joy in every second,
freedom from negativity, love of self and all, tears of happiness, all
showed me that this was the way to inner peace. Later on, I realised
that this energy never really came from within, for it can never been
contained or kept, only experienced from God, in the Heart. And it has
never really left, only stayed with me until I was ready to accept life
again for what it is - joyfully precious in every moment.

Another experience I had much later on, after the heart awakening, was a
mind blowing experience of the 3rd Eye. Somehow, it happened after
having integrated certain breathing techniques into everyday life. It
happened when I was about to nod off to sleep one night.

There was a buzzing, a constant droning noise coming from within, when I
was falling asleep, however the energy was not so much concentrated in
the heart, but in the throat region this time. A sense of light-sound
was perceived, gushing in and out of the throat, constantly droning and
creating various pitches, almost like music but even more beautiful to
listen to. There also was a no-mind, for it had gone when the experience
occured. All this was driving the body deeper and deeper into sleep, but
'consciousness/observer' itself was never more awake/lucid than it had
been before.

Just then, a throbbing feeling in the head happened, and all sounds
ceased. It revealed itself like the surface of an vast, infinite ocean,
and consciousness found itself sucked into it, much like the sensation
of diving into the ocean.

A sense of submersion occured and a trapdoor above the inside of the
nose opened up, illuminating the whole body/brain with white light and
there occured a wonderful sensation of freedom. Consciousness found
itself a pair of wings, and was flying off the ground/earth (body) in
awe and wonder, ever soaring into the infinite sky of God, itself being
from the source of light within! The ego mind revealed itself to be the
clouds of the ground (body). And consciousness was ever flying into the
sky, towards the 3rd Eye/Sun (abode of God). The 3rd eye (area above the
nose) was filling itself with life force/light within, feeding it to the
consciousness/spirit until it was just as bright as the sun...

I am certain that there are deeper and deeper states, but at that point,
the body took over somehow and I found myself deep asleep till the next
morning. It showed me one thing - deep sleep or what I call the ego
darkness state, is a weak shadow of the true light within that you can
perceive in the 3rd Eye/abode of God.

Never has an experience changed what it truly means to be at peace with
God. And for that, I thank God for showing me who it really is - the
life force within everything and everyone! (Holy Spirit/Kundalini/Life

I am using metaphors here because there is no word that can truly
encapsulate this wonderous experience. And I hope that you will be able
to experience these experiences, because we are all from God (life
force/light within) and that the body is purely an anchor for
consciousness/spirit, to keep it grounded, until it is ready to be free
once more in life and in death!

That, my friend, is what God is - the experience of true freedom within!

Letter from December 18th, 2011

Matthew 24:23. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there, believe it not. John1:18 No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared Him.

Letter from September 11th, 2011

I had an experience where I believe I saw the face of God. I had driven 13 hours from my home to a conference, where there would be 2 days of worship & prayer. In this conference. I stretched my longing for the presence of God to another level. I truly came in as a child, and literally looked for the face of God. You must also know that God does show me pictures or "visions" at different times and reveals the meanings of these "visions" at later times. Most of these visions are in reference to what God is doing either in my life or others life. For example I have seen a rose that was blooming ( this particular vision has had many life references to my relationship with God), I have seen lightning, a boat/ocean turned upside down, and many others. So back to the time I saw the face of God. I like I stated before, was literally looking for the face of God. I was frantically searching for Him ( eyes closed) , I had to see Him, I would not give up looking until I did, I was so desperate, I quoted scripture mostly Psalms, and kept looking for Him. All of a sudden there was a face before me. It was broad, strong, powerful, long curly hair, with a beard, and the most memorable were His Eyes. They were captivating, His eyes drew me in and I could tell He was in control, wise, full of power, and just amazing. I really dont think there is words to describe Him and His beauty. I reached out for Him, I wanted so bad to touch Him. He remained there for a couple of minutes, and tears went down my cheeks, and he was gone. I want so much to know why He showed Himself to me, I wonder was it to preserve my life, was it to keep me looking for Him. I probably shouldn't even wonder why, just be thankful that I did. There is no doubt in my mind that I saw Him, and I will search for Him again and again until I see him.
Elizabeth Kennard

Letter from August 24th, 2011
one of my friends told me that he has seen the god about 10 years ago. he said he has seen a beautiful naked girl during his prayer two times. Please let me know if have you ever heard the same story ?
Kind regards

Letter from August 16th, 2011
It was back in 1984 I had been seeing two women on and off, both I was very serious about. I was at a crossroads and did not know what to do. So I prayed for hours crying and asking for God's help. It was getting late and was undressed in my bedroom around 2-3 am or so. Then a circular light glowing with a real power of energy that it lit my face up with warmth spoke to me and said " if you really want to know get up and drive over to your Girlfriends house.this was in the middle of the night but I didn't hesitate I jumped up and left for her house. Now I would date one then break up and date the other never dating both at once, but at this time me and this one were involved in a committed relationship. Engagement rings were given, I'm telling you this so you could understand the gravity of the situation. Well when I pulled up she was kissing another man in her front yard. I knew then and told her it was over and it was. I've been married to my wife for almost 25 years and she through God, is the light of m life!

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Letter from July 27, 2011

I saw god come out of a bon fire when I was 17.5. He spoke to me for a couple minutes. His eyes blinked and his mouth moved when he talked. He wanted me to Nature of Mind by Alex Greygo home. I wondered for years 'why did he want me to go home'. I am 49 now. I have told 2 preachers, one semi-believes me, the other I do not think he does. I wrote a 3rd and he finds it highly unlikely because he said noone has seen him in 2000 yrs since his resurrection. Pam from NC (USA)
Letter from July 7th, 2011 (the first from a mobile text message)

Yes . There is no end .god said he just got started. He said we know what rite and wrong.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

 The painting "Nature of Mind" by the fabulous Alex Grey)

Letter from July 4th, 2011

I thought to share my experience with you because this kind of experience was unique, and I never felt it before. Just 2 days back, I was watching Prison Break, and I suddenly felt a presence. My mind was kind of jammed. I didnt think of doubting or questioning if God is really around. I just knew that he was with me. I felt serene. Peace was all around, But I didnt stop watching Prison Break. I was absolutely into the series I was watching and I knew God is with me. I dont know how my conscious got so strong that I could equally concentrate on the series and God. So many things kept on crossing my mind like my problems, my love for God. Tears kept rolling my eyes but I was happy, very happy. And not to forget that all this time I was still watching the series.
I am a Hindu by religion, and I pray all Gods but I dont fear God, I always loved God like a friend. I pray less but my belief is strong about the existing Super Power, God. I believe we are parts of God so we are God too. That day I felt Lord Shiva to be with me. I always feel a special connection with Lord Shiva.

I know if I tell anybody No one will believe me, so I am writing to you.

Pooja Sachdev

Letter from July 4th, 2011

It was back in 1998 when I was passing through the dining room and the sun shone brightly and I felt a great sense of peace come over me. Suddenly with my (what I would describe) as third eye I seen Jesus/God. I was so emotional after the experience I wept. I felt a great sense of unconditional love and peace. I felt I loved him more than anybody . I love my husband so much and my parents who passed away before that event. I have been thinking of that day ever since and I feel I should do more with my life but I am always kind and never harm anyone. Why did God come to me? or did I search for him? There is a quote from the bible SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND KNOCK AND THE DOOR WILL OPEN. I never go to church but would describe myself as spiritual. In 1995 my dad died and he came to me but it was with my real eyes .

Letter from May 7th, 2011

God is glorious and everywhere, within everything. I was laying in a field just yesterday, the sun was shining, and the temperatures were perfect, suddenly, it was as if the world opened before my eyes. Just laying there I was able to feel the molecular connections of the entire earth, when I looked up to the sky, it was as if I was surrounded by angles, all were around me. The angles actually seemed as they were enabling me to be alive, sort of like they created my consciousness. The best way to describe it was as if I was in the movie the Matrix, and the world before me dissolved, and there was a hidden world of love, and glowing warmth surrounding me. (no I was not on drugs).
I spoke to God! Asking if this was real or not, and the answer was yes, (not an actual voice, but more like an overflowing feeling of emotion) and that I was to promote love! To be love, to share love, to give love, to think love, and that if each of us got on the same wavelengths, then the would would see the "curtain" or "illusion of life" fall away, all that would be in our world would be a grand and beautiful oneness. I wish to share with all, and for all to know, that there is no death, only a passing! Love allows you to obtain the next level of life! there is something that I have experienced, that is so profound, such an epiphany, so extremely difficult to express in words.....Please, people, believe, all you have to do is believe and feel! you will see!
I do not support any organized religion, but I do believe in the power of God!
When I first came to this website, the main picture is sort of like what I experienced. the circles of beings!
thank you all for reading,
Peace to you

Letter from January 15th, 2011

There before my earthly body, soul and spirit stood the Royal beast of Godly like Lion Man in all his Majestic Glory of Pomp and Circumstances.


There was no bursts of lightening or fire but just the Holy Spirit the father in body Shape and form with the face of Man and body of lion. There was serenity and peacefulness with an instinctual intellectual body of energy of Great beast! The face of an elderly man with great wisdom and knowledge with understanding expressed in the most purist of form within the Universal Constellational Star System configurations.  


His message is pure and knows no binding universal limitations.  He does not speak in a  verbal language but only  instinctually through a dimensional  vibration element of medium forces of   body – blood and Soul incorporating the trinity of Holy Spirit being his mighty creation of truth stamped upon his earth.


He then departs as he came in a most Royal dignified Majestic manner with his Eyes in the front of his face and eyes protruding behind his body to the rear watching as he leaves into an unknown dimensional Star Constellation far from this earthly plane.


It is time to reveal this vision to human  for those who have understanding on Earth.  For God  has perfect timing on the release of   knowledge which  is to be executed  through medium elements   for  his  holy  revelation of discovery  has began !   


Aman .

Letter from January 8th, 2011

8th Jan 2010 :


Blessed is the Kingdom of Heaven for our earthly souls adore thee Oh Great Royal Majesty of Beast!

Lion of Man ! Master of all Creation & traveler of Universal Star system Constellations.


Within the face of Man there is God and within God there are great Intellectual indefinite powers of understandings in all his heavenly and earthly creations!


The powers and purity of understanding in Gods nature is within the concept of Man providing he raises his arms and hands in Prey and opens his Soul – Heart- Mind - body in devotional love to God the Father so he can receive the sacrificial gifts of Holy Trinity!


 Blessed are all Gods creatures that have visited this earthly Domain since the beginning

 of the blessing!


Email:  lme4@bigpond.com 


Aman . 

Letter from January 5th, 2011
If anyone has truly been in the presence of God knows one thing; It is like nothing you ever experienced. No drug, sex, or any earthly feeling can compare. I am a channel for his gifts and many times are in communion with God, co creating. I am now fifty one years old and my last experience has left me feeling that of someone lost and guided at the same time. I cannot understand everyday people nor can they understand me. As one person in this forum described it and I concurred when the last incident happened is; that is does feel like you won the lottery, the spiritual lottery. I understand drug addiction or sex addiction, it is that chasing of the feeling of nothingness and you want to maintain that state at all times, the problem is those who are addicted to the material world or masking the pain and feeling "numb" can achieve the same feeling without ruining their soul or damaging their lives. All they have to do is listen, sit back and wait and God/he/she (there is no gender with god) you will feel the divine presence of nothingness and everything combined,, no duality because it cancels out both which is where you want to be in between were God can reveal himself/herself to you. I am so blessed to be a channel and anyone can if they choose to be (God is a respector of no persons). I have had near death experiences, I have had a full life of suffering and will continue on to the path. It is not easy to maintain the state of equamity but striving for it is all that matters. I know the feeling of wanting to give up and now I know true compassion because we humans are all striving for the same thing its just most people are not aware of it. They are going outside to seek it when it is like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz - Its been with you the always, you need not look outside yourself or that you have to drink or do drugs or love another, addiction to love, sex, fear, yes fear is addiction. When you realize God gave you by birth, your divine right to have total access of all that is good you need not look further than inside yourself.
For now my life is that of wanting to get off the planet because I feel we shall face some shocking things to wake up humanity. But God has me here to uplift all the souls who will feel such desperation and complete chaos. It is the light givers that will guide them back to God for rebuilding and advancing the stages of our evolution.
So if everyone truly knows that God is not so much in a church every Sunday once a week and that you have to give money to get a seat in heaven, you know who he is and what he wants, all that he/she wants is for you to fulfill your purpose and what he has for you may not be what he has for your neighbor or coworker, parent, sibling etc.. So the biggest sin (I say sin for lack of a better word) is that you do not fulfill your purpose, forget about the church rules, think about what God wants you to do and all things will be made right within you. God knows whats best for you not your church your family all the ones that tell you what to do, Do not listen to them. We were all born with the all knowing inside us, trust what is in side of you that tells you right from wrong, this is what makes us superior to all the other inhabitants (birds,fish,animals) My only message is to have compassion for those around you especially those trying to hurt you, there is a reason. Do not however let them continue to hurt you, move on, when you seek the highest truth you will be safe and no one can touch you and you shall reach your destiny which is true joy.
The real God will not talk so to speak in English or French or he looks like a old man with a beard, this is only an illusion for you to comprehend, to relate to if so. because God is a feeling more than a language and a look. God can reveal himself only to which the level you can comprehend. But I know what I have experienced is the complete feeling of joy, so much that I could not stop crying, it was tears of joy but so intense I felt I could not contain it and when you start to feel like capturing it, it will leave. You cannot put God in a cage or capture you can only become one with God. You cannot put God in a box or in a church pew, this is such a big mistake for organized religions for they want to control you as individual and tell you what to do. God knows this and wants you to rely on him, not the church and the legalistic ways of trying to be righteous. This never works look around see how many churches and religions there are, they have caused more damage than good, more wars than peace. True lovers of God are not taking money from you and they are not exclusive, they are inclusive light givers who want you to empower yourself, they want you to know God personally and you might find this in a church but I can tell you as Jesus went off and prayed and was in total solitude as with any saint, avatar you need to seek the silence to know God. You cannot listen if you are not still. THe application is like any principle regarding education. Spiritual education is that you must adhere and focus to what God is wanting you to do and it takes practice but once you realize that it is no different than picking up a loaf of bread of a shelf to where it becomes knowingness you are one with GOD. 
I have come to see the Light and nothing on earth compares to it- when you do shopping, eating, trying to keep a man or a woman, drugs, alcohol, gambling, greed, sex cannot compare to teh feeling, you just keep wanting to attain the feeling of God and the more you want it the more it will be in your life. If only those who are in power will let you in on this secret that really isn't a secret. But yet they control you with religion and the media, and political party beliefs and the list goes on, are addiction to fame and those who are famous. This is to keep you really in the dark about what is happening they are making you just like robots follow us- we will teach you to be mindless and we will teach you what to worship (movie stars, atheletes) and while we are doing that we will take your money and leave you with nothing. Please get wise, seek God wisdom, not what the world wants you to be or do.
If you want to learn more... email me at tbrasile@gmail.com

Letter from December 23rd, 2010
I have heard Gods voice two times in my life.
The first time I had back slid. I came back to God when there was a revival at my church. I was crying out to God and he told me "I've missed you my child."
The second time I had gone through a rough patch. I was worshiping and yelling out to God that I loved him. He replied, "I love you too."

His voice is indescribable. It's like nothing I've ever heard before. It's the most calming and peaceful voice you'll ever hear. Just one word put me at peace. I felt joy and happiness. I'm sorry my description is so horrible, like I said, its indescribable.

&the thing is, I'm only 16. I believe God has a huge calling in my life and I'm exciting to see where it goes.

God bless.

Love, Jordin

Another Recent Letter From December 21st, 2010

My name is Daniel Anthony Williams. A few years ago I had a suicide attempt in Barcelona in a hostel. I cut my wrists with a razor blade. I was alone and so unhappy. The blood was going down the sink and was coming out dark and i knew i was about to die or felt as though i was. I had said two prayers The our Farther and the hail MARY. My body started to go cold and i started to feel weak .I could feel the darkness start to surround me then i went out. I looked around and i was in a white place and i could see Jesus sitting in the corner of the white. He was as men and women usually depicted him throughout the ages. Dark hair moustache and beard black young and the most handsome dressed in a white robe. I had no body that i could see, but could feel a divine wind that cleansed and gave energy undescribed by earthly experiences. There were hundreds of women white of skin and dressed in white roman toga type clothes. There were Children who ran laughing and happy. Ifound myself sitting and the children were putting their head on my shoulder giving me a hug at that stage. Then i was kneeling down in a blue light and a voice said to me you must go back, there was things to do back on earth.

I awoke back in the hostel and the beds had been moved and the beds had been moved out from where id bled the blood cleaned of the floor. After walking down the corridor someone called an ambulance and took me to Hospital. On no account would i like anyone to attempt suicide but it is part of the account. I would feed the hungry look after my family help anyone before the attempt The greatest commandment Love one Another because Love covers a multiple of sins.Im not sure if anyone who is a Christian regardless of division or name of Church would see the same but imagine myself they would at the time of death. True Christians face the hardhips of the World as the way of the World is not Gods Way. I have met Mormans who are Holy,Catholics,Methodist,Church of England,Jehova,witness,as long as they LOVE ONE ANOTHER,they have a key to Heaven in their heart.  

Letter from December 13th, 2010

God the father- God the Son -God the Holy Spirit.

God the Royal Majestic Beast - The lion of Judea your kingdom Rejoice!

The heavens and Earth await you oh Great Majesty!.

We your earthly followers await your calling since the time of the great fall

Heaven your kingdom rejoices for the trumpets sound and so it begins,

Love one another as the lion has loved you since the beginning of the blessing!

It is time for the enlightenment of all Gods creatures Physical and Spiritual to be blessed

By the power and the authority of the Holy One in Christie for all mans sins have been forgiven

Since they belong to the animal kingdom of God  his perfect creation  in Holy Trinity!


Peace to the entire World in this time of Christmas and blessings to all our dear loved ones!

Peace is with us all for we are all one in God .

 Aman .

Letter from December 5th, 2010

My friends often ask me in school why do you believe in god if I've never seen him and that's what I asked my grandad when I was 9. I told my friend what I believe about seeing god I told him that until you truly believe that god exists you don't notice him. I call them foot prints like clues but not leaving your name in neon ink. You notice that things you wanted happen and that you get help in the most impossible situations. If u go out into the country side where it is completely natural u might even see him because the modern world isn't there to cloud your mind

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Letter from November 19th, 2010

I sometimes go into a state of lucid dreaming when I am asleep. Now lucid dreaming is not a normal dream. The experience is so REAL. I realize that I am in a dream and then I usually start to lucid dream by ascending towards the sky. I just float around through the beautiful clouds. It is a very relaxing and peaceful experience. It feels as if I am swimming through the sky even though I am able to breath perfectly as I drift through the clouds. Well last night during my lucid dream I then landed into my pool. I then got out of the pool because I saw this huge luminous light in the sky. I actually felt the warmth radiating off of this light. I could not stop looking at this light, it was so beautiful. All of a sudden I was with a few other people that were not familiar to me, but they felt and looked like they could be my relatives. Therefore I felt comfortable with them. These people just kept smiling at me, but I did not pay much attention to them since I was so attracted to this light and the warmth it gave off. It felt so good being in the presence of it. I woke up this morning and felt that the luminous light was a strong form of God. I believe that God is in everyone and everything, but I felt that this was an experience worth sharing. 

(P.S. When I found this website to post my story I was surprised with the painting by Bill Martin that is posted at the top of this page, because that is a perfect interpretation of how I feel when I am lucid dreaming and drifting through the sky.)

God bless,
Divina Grace

Another letter from November 19th, 2010!

God does show himself to man in a  metaphysical vibration  state of selected  body form  through earthly  visitation in a certain  state or level of plane  consciousness through the trinity of the holy spirit .

In order to try and  understand GOD the truly  Majestic Beast of Wisdom & Intellectual  Universal wonder of  nature one much journey back to the animal kingdom to the very beginning of its creation !

He speaks not to us by earthly  verbal known world   language that we understand as earthly humans beings  but  through the earthly  divine body and blood of his  creation  by silent  instinctual knowledge of  extreme mental  conditioning  communication as it was in the beginning and always has been and so will be to the end  ! When he has delivered his message to his animal kingdom on earth as it is in heaven he gently departs as he came in a most dignified Royal Majestic manner.  It is not important that his message is understood by his kingdom of earthly  creation right  now  but will soon be revealed at  the right  time of  our heavenly stars from where it came from as  above as it is below  !

 This I know not from books or  imagination gone wild  but by the purity of the  Divine Enlighten  as he wishes you to know for he loves you so !

 Peace and love be with us all for we are all one as it was in the beginning so shall it be till  the end of eternity  ,

 Yours ,


Letter from July 14th, 2010

:) Hello brother and/or sister..

Yes, I see God. I've been seeing Him for many years. When I finally asked Him why me? What do you want me to do? He said "reveal these things I show you".

So that's what I do. Every time I see God/experience Him.. I journal it. I would like to share  it with you and your readers. May the Lord be magnified - http://www.serious-things.com

Bless you and yours,


Letter from June, 30th 2010

Dear God,
   Thank you for touching my life and giving me patience to wait for your inspiration in times of trouble.
            Yours Truly

Another letter from June 22, 2010


Letter from May 7th, 2010

I have been suffering from a disease and this is what happened to me few weeks ago.
At one night we have been praying for hours,
and I got tired and we sat on the floor and starting sing to Jesus,
then Jesus told me, 
"No matter you want to be healed or not,  'I' will heal you."
The following morning, I was healed.
I looked to the sky and praised the Lord!
Well so far I haven't seen God yet,
I know I will see Him after the earth fades,
but I want to see Him here in this land!
So, I know people can see Jesus Christ,
but anyone talks to Him directly? (ie you can hear His voice daily)
I read some letters on this website and for those who can hear His voice,
please send me an email, I've got lots of questions to ask you =)

Letter from May 2nd, 2010
I have seen Jesus when I was a child. I was lying in bed praying and I saw a figure of a human in bright white light, and felt warmth and happiness. Somehow I just knew it was Jesus without contemplating it, I had a very strong feeling. I rushed out of bed trying to see Him again but I didn't, so I ran to tell my parents what had happened. I am now 16 and I am truely grateful and amazed at what happened, but I don't know why it did or if there was a greater meaning to it. I haven't really spoke to anyone about it, maybe I feelI should....so that is my story! Thankyou and Thank the Lord!

Letter from March 23rd, 2010

I had been praying to you for some time. As I sat in my chair at home you suddenly appeared. You were smiling until I broke into tears. Immediately  your face softened to a look of empathy. Without speaking I heard you say trust me and follow me. Your arms wereFigure Study opened toward me. As the tears streamed down my face I thought it was that easy? you nodded yes. The whole experience lasted maybe 20 seconds. Thank you for counting me worthy to reveal yourself to. I feel a lot better about everything. I promise to follow you to the best of my ability 

Letter from February 2010



With Warm Regards
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Letter from January 2nd 2010

No man has ever seen God the father except the Son, Jesus Christ.
Read the testimony of the people on your website.  They are all lost and disillusioned.
Destroy your website
Or you will pay the price which shall come at a price you can not pay.
Kyle Stewart

A Letter From November 19th, 2009:

dear god,
no, you were never dear to me. you sought me out for all the shit to happen, one after another. what the hell is your plan with me? is there a plan? are we all just experiments, are you a joker?Detail from Ascension ive been looking for you, your e-mail address, your phone number, anything. i hope this letter reaches you, cause im really.\, really pissed off with you. you did not even have mercy or pity for your supposeded only begotten son, so what about us, are we illegitamed, lost souls? are there any hope for us? you are an indian giver, give us children, and then whooz, you take them back. no man fuck, its not right! there are lots and lots of people on this stupid earth, devide the pain amongst all of them, and leave me alone. i am tired, i am hurt, i need a break. i know you wont answer me, you dont have the guts. you just sit wherever, and laugh at us. well, ha-ha, here is one more laugh. help me, or get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another recent letter:

Hello GOD,

I am very happy with all I have in my life. And I especially thank you for letting things go just as they should as it has truly been good to me. Surely I don’t mean to be rude or impolite but the problems in my life have only made a better person out of me. the disease or difficulties(looks to me like the sides of a coin) are really great gifts. You make us glorious swords by pushing us thru the hottest of fires .
So god I just am happy to share my joy with you as you have always with me, the morning sun reminds me of a gentle kiss blown from you. The hot noon reminds me to complete all my tasks by not letting me laze around, the cool evenings make it a perfect time to rest and unwind. Thank you god ………
Though I do get angry when somebody scolds me but I pause to remember that it was you telling it to me for my own good………………
I end my letter with hope of happiness like mine to reach all those deprived of it.

May all end well as it began

N.B; 21/12/2012
May be my last day
But if not I will write again

An earlier letter from September 19, 2009:
To all that read this,
Where do I start, how about I just focus on the actual event because if I disclose everything around it I'll be writing this for days, if not weeks or even months. What I need to tell you all though is some of the circumstances and structures I grew up with.
I was raised in the Morman religion and by the time I was baptised at 8yo I had a firm belief of what the world was.  Almost all of that has been deconstructed now though some things from then hold firmer than ever.  I am gay, didn't want to be and I tried to change how and who I was.  I prayed, I tried blocking it all out, ect.. No luck at all. Then I tried to proove it all wrong, for years I tried, with some but little success.
Fast forward to 26yo. I came out 2 years before this and started my first relationship, lasted about 18 months and ended very badly. My world seemed to have come crashing down and I hit rock bottom. I started to think back to GOD and what I had done. By this time I had tried to kill myself, been in a gay relationship, stolen things from shops in my adolessence and all number of things I could think of as sins. I was certain that GOD hated me. And crying inside, howling to myself and thinking that I'm not even sure who, how or what GOD is. What I was sure of though was the intension of my thought. I was meditating and praying without cease to good, holy, love, light and so on, thinking if there is a GOD, he could power through all of this noise in my head and in my life and break through to me.
That's when I was taken. That's the only way I can put it because that is what happened. I was in bed when I heard a voice, loud and clear just say "Thankyou." I was startled and then I felt as though I was taken over. I was wide awake, becalmed at first, relaxed even, until I started to be moved physically.  Now I'm frightened, I started to shake and I could not speak (I wanted to scream for help.). I was moved slowly at first and I was going faster and faster, so fast I could not see where I was going, but I could feel the wind rush by me at such speed that it was impossible to breathe while looking forward.
Then I stopped. Standing bare foot on loose rocks on what seemed to be a mountains side. Then I realized that there was a light in the distance ahead of me, and after the wind and speed I just traveled I found it hard to focus for a few seconds (more than 30, less than a minute). Then as I tried to focus more I became even more frightend than I was already (I still couldn't speak) as i thought could this be something to do with GOD. And then I remembered what I was thinking earlier "if there is a GOD, he could power through all of this noise in my head and in my life and break through to me." and I could make out a small tree in the light and then I noticed a bright light with and outline of a person comming around from behind it. At this point I wanted to hide, run, get out of there as I was feeling very insufficiant, but I was froze still and bolt upright. And he spoke "I DO NOT HATE YOU." so loud that the rocks I was standing on shook and he almost deaffend me and I was sure that I was dead now. But, he followed what he said above, this time speaking so softly and gentley "I love you, as I love all my children. No more, no less, each the same", this whole time talking he walked toward me but his feet did not touch the ground and when he was directley in front of me he stated "Do not be afraid, I am the light and life of the world, the beginning and the end, the alfa and the omega, the sun, I am YAHWEH" and he spoke very calmly and he touched me on my right side near my lowest rib, where he touched it burnt me but I was strangely calm now and didn't care for pain that I felt. Then I felt a great sence of knowlage and what seemed to be his love for all that is.
 The Painting "Nature of Mind" by the fabulous Alex Grey
I will not go more into what was told to me or what I saw and felt after the above. Suffice to say, he took me back to my bedroom and I got back into bed and he spoke words over me that I could not understand.
In the morning I felt tired and I thought that I must have gone mad. I got up and went to the toilet, to my fright there was a mark right where he touched me and it hurt, rather a burning feeling. The mark lasted 3 days.
This, what I have written above happened about 8 years ago. And in all the time that has passed, I am only sure now that I'm not mad and wasn't then. But my view of the world had changed and keeps changing since then.  There were no drugs or anything of the sort involved.
I don't know what you may make of what happend to me there, but it happened and I am telling the truth. All I hope is that I will feel his love again.
Thankyou for reading.
My name is Benjamin and my email is tntben@bigpond.com.

Letter from September 2, 2009:
I always have known that the world is not the way we are conditioned
to believe. I always knew that the physical laws are just illusions. I
always knew that I was the creator of my own reality : physical,
mental & spiritual.
I do not accept the conditioning that I can t fly or bend a spoon for
that matter. I know that God & me are one & the same thing. I have
felt being with him time & again. Those premonitions I get, the
intuitive insight that I develop, the love I have for everybody
indicates that God wants me to realize that he is me & I am him.
In fact everyone is God & God is everyone.
I (& you) as Gods created this world & after living in this world we
have forgot who we really are.
I say that everything is possible. I say that physical laws are mere
illusions, mere manifestations. I say that we have been conditoned to
believe illusions through our DNA inherited belief. In fact I assert
that I can change my DNA. I assert that I can develop myself
physically & mentally. I assert that anything is possible if you
believe it is.
And Guilt is the greatest sin. Everyone deserves to be happy &
deserves anything that he desires for.
Fear is sin. Keep your head held high & never ever fear anything
because you created this world & coz you are GOD.
(If you really desire something you can have it....My blessings)

More letters:
Hi, my name is Chris Bates and I saw what I believe to be God. Please keep in mind that this "experience" that I had could be nothing more than an in depth mental dilution. I completely understand this, but I can not deny it. It was as real as anything else in existence. Also I have been told that it could have been Satan. This is true, and the result of it was absolutely painful, but as I'll explain, I don't think it was.

It all started about 15 years ago when I was a Senior in High School. A 14 year old Freshmen all of a sudden started clinging on to me. She was the friend of my friends girlfriend... In other words my friend had a girlfriend and she was her friend. :) Then about 2 weeks later, for no reason, she said that she didn't think we should see each other any more. By this time I had developed very strong feelings for her. I didn't know what I could do about it because I was leaving to go into the Navy and I was told that was the reason why. As time went by my feelings for her grew much stronger.

Fast forward about 11 years. She had married. Also my friend had married her friend so there was still this link to her. I went to my friends house and he told me of her pending divorce. This was like a "trigger" as soon as he said it I began to have epiphanies. The only way I have to explain it is fairy dust. You know how in cartoons fairy dust is sprinkled and it is just magic sparkles that fall, and the main body falls slowly but some sparkles fall faster. That was what it was like, only the sparkles were epiphanies. I stayed at my friends for about 30 more minutes before I felt as though I had to leave. I got in my car and drove home, and this took about another 30 minutes. By the time I got home parts of the main body were raining down on me.

I began to be able to jump back to what seemed like random times in my life. Not just remembering these times but actually BEING there. Having all of the knowledge, feelings, and worries that I had at that time. Then I could come back to me at home just like that. Then I went to another random time in my life and then back. This kept going on and on and I noticed that I could SEE all of these times before me. That's when I noticed a sort of barrier. Times of change or uncertainty and beyond this was black. Imagine looking at a clear night sky and then take away the stars. I was not afraid of it. There was nothing there to be afraid of.

It seemed as though I was going backwards, or farther away. Well the barrier had a curved shape so I followed the curve up and then things became much more serious. I remember realizing that this shape was human. The curve was his left shoulder and I was looking at his neck then his face. He was moving... He was ALIVE and he looked exactly like ME in every detail. At this point feelings become unexplainable. It was me but I was not in control of his movements. His body was facing me but his face was turned to his right. He was astronomically huge. The size of a planet or star.

Then he looked at me. This was when I knew it was God that I was looking at. Nothing can explain this. It is the greatest moment in my life. I remember thinking that this is heaven because I could look at him for eternity and be completely happy with only that. I felt so small and so lucky. Like I had just won the lottery but not just any lottery, but a 1 in infinity kind of lottery. He could have looked at anything but he looked at me. His eyes were paralyzingly beautiful. Just as his skin were the moments of my life, his eyes were the most beautiful moments. Times of amazement and pure joy. Times of laughter where I couldn't stop laughing. Close calls and amazing occurrences.

Then he communicated to me. He said nothing. His eyelids got bigger and he pointed with his entire right arm. As if to say "look". So I ran my eyes down his arm and beyond his finger and I saw something very far away. I somehow was able to zoom in with my sight and I saw her. The girl from high school. I could see that it was her from over her left shoulder as her back was to him. As soon as I realized it was her I immediately looked back at him and it was like a slow motion explosion. He came apart and I fell back to where I came from. It was over.

The entire time I could still see myself in my apartment. I made dinner, watched TV, listened to music, and just had a "normal" night at home. All the while seeing God. From start to finish it took about 7 hours. To me it was more like 7 seconds. Time was a strange thing. When I was looking at him I got the sense of eternity, that time doesn't matter. What is eternal will last forever.

So I went to bed and slept. When I woke up I had to pick up the pieces. I had to tell myself to do everything. After all I didn't know if I was alive. It slowly set in that I was. I didn't eat for about 4 days. It just wasn't that high on the list. I was a complete wreck. Everything was 100%.. EVERYTHING. It was like every switch was turned on, and even switches I didn't even know I had. Stress, stress, and more stress. A million miles a second. I tried talking about it to my friend but it came out as a bunch of babble. I was fortunately able to keep my cool enough to keep my job and I didn't get into any wrecks on the road, but I was, for lack of a better word "insane".

I didn't know what to do. After all he had pointed at her, he didn't say to do anything. So I took this to mean "go to" her. I then proceeded to go to her in any way I could think of. It took 10 weeks before I spoke to her. By this time it had went from wanting to speak to her about it, to everything being on the line. I finally got to speak to her on the phone and from what I can remember it was like nuclear war. Over very fast and completely devastating. This was the worst day of my life. I found out later from my friend that she never liked be in the first place. She had done the worst thing that annyone has ever done to me and her reason was so she could spend more time with her friend that was dating my friend. This was about 3 years ago. She is married again and thinks I'm crazy. I expect the next time I see her will be after death. I don't expect a happy ending. I expect to carry this for the rest of my life as it will last forever. I feel like Noah being told to build a boat and then having all of the trees burnt down before me.

So that's it. I'll send a picture of me so you will know exactly what he looked like, and chrisodip@yahoo.com is my e-mail address if anyone wants to know more.

More Letters:

If this present life is just reaping for sins and good deeds why are you there what is use of worship and of course we mortals can understand your divine stupidity called creation. So thanks for nothing bye.

Regards for nothing



Dear God,
I have not only SEEN You, I have Been (with) you.
and I know You will come again, soon,
I love You for everything you create and do is Divine.
untill soon,

More letters . . .

Dear God...
I am glad you are open to this letter.  I have so much to say to you and then it seems like so little.  I have never understood all your ways and as I get older, it doesn't seem to matter.  I guess what really matters is "me".  I have to make the choice to follow you and to have my faith in you.
I use to be angry at you, afraid of you, and most of the time I hated you.  I was not sure you were there for me.  Now I don't look at what is happening here on this Earth and why you don't stop the negativity.  If I did I would be angry with you again.  And find myself at step one, once more.
So instead, I decided to just go to you in Heaven, and ask you for what I needed when I needed help.  I didn't look at what was going on this plane of existence anymore.  So it was a way for me to let go of the anger, the hate, the disappointment I felt for you.  Now I just trust when I go to you in your Throne in Heaven, you will be there for me.
I am finally being able to get close to you now.  It took me years and years of searching.  This planet is currently being run by Satan, he is in charge right now.  It is part of a bigger plan you have.  I don't question it anymore.  It is what it is.  I know that I did not have an understanding and just felt a betrayal and hate before that understanding.  Now all of it down here matters little and what matters most is that I can go to you, in your Kingdom up there.  Far away from this place we call Earth.
Like a man said once "fear not, you belong to the Son of God".  Need we say more but the truth.
So now it is good and I can find my way to you.  
Keep blessing me and my son: Justin.  He needs you and your love.  Thank you for giving me this precious child.  Help me to raise a good son.  Keep him safe and protected.  And when it is time for him to be loved, help him to find a good wife.  Keep well, keep blessed, as all the generations that come from me.  Bless and protect them all, mightily.  
The Daughter of a King,
Another letter:

Yes, I have seen Jesus, One He was wearing a Red robe & One wearing a white rode. When I seen Jesus in the red rode, I new I would be Hurt. But new Jesus would Help me. When I seen Jesus in the white robe he was walking to a white alter. And he was looking at me.

Another letter:

Hey guys, cool site
How about 4 hits of acid (for my first trip) to wipe my ego clean away and induce beautiful, terrifying, divine communion with the totality of existence? Not sure if drug experiences qualify for your site, but I'm pretty sure I came face to face with God, and that's what counts. It was the most beautiful experience I've ever had on drugs, but also the most frightening. I felt like I was shown, through visualization and insight and by another, more powerful consciousness tapping into my mind, the beautiful dance of life playing out before my inner eye, all for the sake of the mind of God to give his children a divine gift. I have been inspired by this trip to live my life to the fullest in order to show my gratitude and reverence for the beauty of the world. I hope someone can read this and relate to my experience. Peace and Love.

Another letter


I was really amazed and really felt happy when i saw this site on the web. It is good.

You mentioned about seeing god! What is really meant by seeing god! 

Well i do not know about what is it meant to others as every one have their own way's of seeing things, my meaning of seeing god is what i felt when i felt the precense. I am a hindu and their is a really deeper meaning of GOD in hinduism than what we see in rituals and festivals. I felt the presence of god and felt god being there lending his hand to hold me when i was falling apart mentally. I saw god in my belief, i saw god when i fell low and still knew that every thing is ok and will be fine. I saw god when i felt that he knew every thing and he will make it alright. I saw god standing there in many forms. I saw god in the helping hand i got. I saw god blessing me, forgiving me and letting me have another chance. I still see god in my hope and i see him as an assurence.

Another letter:
Many say they can see god or jesus, the fact is, they're either lying or have not seen god, possibly the angel of the lord or satan.Judges 2: 1-3 The Angel of the LORD appears to Israel and identifies Himself as God.

Exodus 33:20, God says "You cannot see My face, for no one may see Me and live."

so it's either people have seen satans deception or possibly an angel because you cannot see God, however Moses sees a burning bush as God, it is God in a different form not his true form. or maybe the people who claim they've seen god have seen the holy spirit.

Another Letter:
sorry God, but i am a buda my mam ask me to be a buda

Another letter:
 i thought that i was crazy for a while, growing up studying meditation, then moving to texas where visions were not publicly talked about.  In school we were thought to drown things out.  One day I was sitting at a friends house meditating while they were playing video games and I started to follow a golden chain out into space.  I watched the stars go by I watched earth disappear.  I went into the sun.  In this light I had no pain, no body, just joy.  I don't know If I thought it or it was told to me, but my friend was going to find me dead.  At this time I was put back into my body and all i could hear was static, there was a small hole i could see through and my body had to restart itself.  It was scary for me, as well as others because they had found me looking blue.  I haven't had problems leaving and coming back sense then but that was my first experience with going into god.  After a while I began communicating with the light and the other beams i guess you could say... When I saw Alex Grey's artwork I could really identify with the auras, the visions, and I had a picture to show others that could relate to my experiences.  thANKYOU- LOVE AND LIGHT-amI.  More letters . . .
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